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Four ways to break free from the mirage of abundant life that money promises.

The concept of the "Finished Work" as it is called by some, simply says how Jesus is your Righteousness and you are now fully forgiven and made worthy - not by works but through your faith in the Blood of Jesus, in what Jesus has done for you. This message has set so many free from the burden of law and guilt and condemnation and released them to walk with God in joy.

The Finished Work (which some confuse for the prosperity gospel) is foundational for any child of God's walk with the Lord. It's not meat, it's milk, but it is none the less, extremely important. Many people do not understand the New and Old Covenants and how they still play a role today. Neither do they understand how Moses "gave the Law" and what it means that Jesus came "full of Grace and Truth" (John 1:17). I will not go into these here but have left you these links to consider them if you wish.

But let me tell you a danger that I have seen in many "Finished Work" messages... it is the danger of loving money. Of thinking, that because God desires to BLESS you with EVERY spiritual and heavenly and even earthly blessing (Deut 28), therefore, you can expect that He will bless you with tonnes of money.

So you start thinking a lot about money. You start asking God for lots of money. You start revolving your dreams and goals around money. You have now placed money as the key to your success and the achievement of your desires. Money is now the apple of your eye. You find that all your prayers are now centered around getting more money! Congratulations. You took the bait!

(Let these words above and below never describe the child of God!)

You are now in great conflict because you are a child of God, who truly loves God, but now you have made having lots of money the one thing standing between you and your God-given destiny to prosper, to be blessed with His prosperity and to be a blessing to others. You my friend, love money and you can not love money and God at the same time. These two loves will wage war and will embitter you. It will ruin your financial life and it will bring your spiritual life to the brink of spiritual bankruptcy as well.

Is there a way out? 


1) Let go of your self-sufficiency

Why do you think that God's blessings (such as those of Deuternomy 28) are contingent upon you having money? Does God desire to bless you? Of course! But do not be blinded by the pleasures of this world and the deceitfulness of wealth (Mk 4:19). Your God is above this system of money, this world system that is seeking to enslave you. 

Repentance is the lost discipline of the Finished Work message. Repentance has been bled dry by the Old Wineskin theology that your righteousness fluctuates like the weather, one day its hot and one day its cold. That why repentance must be redeemed. It is the first thing Jesus spoke about when talking about His Kingdom. It is simply a change of heart, a change of mind and a letting go of your self-sufficiency, of your belief that ultimately you must provide for yourself - whether that be faith itself or money, there is nothing better than you can do, than to yield to God and let go of this reliance on the self.

2) Don't be fooled by the subtleties of the Prosperity Gospel

The Finished Work message is not the "Prosperity Gospel" though there are many who may listen to both. It is VERY different. The Finished Work message simply repeats the words of Jesus on the Cross "IT IS FINISHED!" What more can be said?

But the Prosperity Gospel is sinister. "Give tithes to God (i.e.make me rich with your tithes) and you will be rich (i.e. and if not, it's your fault!). Don't you know God promises you MONEY if you tithe (to me, that is!)." Really, this is what the Prosperity teachers are teaching in one way or another. Sorry, you need to call a spade a spade.

You know why the Prosperity Gospel is working? Because for so long the Old Wineskin theology of the Church kept people in the dark about God's desire to bless you. And so you got the Prosperity Gospel teachers talking about their yachts and boasting in their riches as if this was a sign of the truth of their message, on the one hand... and on the other hand, you have the Old Wineskinner's who would have you believe that being poor is of God, that having godly ambitions to succeed is wrong and that God's will to bless you is not certain in the least, whether that be for His provision or His healing.

(I'd prefer the Old Wineskinner's anytime primarily because the vast majority in my experience have good intentions, but I can not say the same for the Prosperity preachers since their greed is so evident).

3) Realize that God has NEVER, EVER, promised us anywhere in the Bible... CASH

There is not a single verse that speaks of God wanting to bless you with money. Money, like I alluded to before, is an invention of man and its value is WHOLLY determined by society and what man decides. If today, everybody were to decide that the USD is worth nothing, it would be worth nothing. If today, everybody were to decide that 1 bitcoin is worthy a 1 million dollars, then so it would be. But then what is that dollar worth? What is gold worth? This whole system of money is built on a house of cards!

That's why Jesus was so casual about it "Give to Ceasar's what is Ceasar's... and to God what is God's. You worry about money and clothes, just trust in the Lord! Have faith in your Father. Seek FIRST His Kingdom and His Righteousness, and I tell you, all these things will be added to you!"

4) Understand that God does promise Prosperity, Wealth and Riches... but these promises are not ever dependent on money.

But wait a minute, what about all the other promises of God?

What about them? In Christ, they are ALL a resounding yes (2 Cor 1:20)! Rejoice! All the promises are YES in Christ. Just let go of the notion that you have to bring them about yourself. You have to yield to God, yes. You have to trust God, yes. You have to let God mold your heart and invite Him to purify your desires. Because sometimes - and this is ok, don't be condemned - but sometimes our desires have impurities. They are mostly good, but there are specks of dust and dirt that need to burned away. Let God do that and shift your focus and align your attention to the things you really need to commit to.

Back to the promises: there is not one of God's blessings to you that depends on money and cash. Not one! God doesn't need the world's system of money to bless you!

Friend, if you're struggling financially and so frustrated that God's promises aren't coming to be manifest in your life no matter your prayers, no matter how much you're trying, no matter how much "wisdom" you think you're getting, no matter how much you are declaring, no matter how much your are laboring and having faith and commanding and blessing... then, CEASE. Be still! Rest. 


Because if what I'm writing here is describing you just as it described me for years and led me to financial and spiritual ruin... then, my friend, you need that revelation. You need to realize you are eating from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (not knowledge! but knowledge of good and evil). You need to see the Tree of Life and understand what it is and what it means. You need to also understand that God doesn't work in the ways of money.

Are you in debt? Don't focus on the money. Ask God to help you in whatever way He pleases for you to cancel the debt.

Do you need a job? Don't focus on the money. Ask God to provide you the best job you need now, not because of money, but because it's your glory to work as one under the Tree of Life! Do you not know that the vast majority of people, those who are rich and those who are poor, work as though under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil... friend, that fruit brings only the curse! We are above this, we are are in Christ.

You need wisdom. I don't even ask that. You need it. Always ask God for more of HIS wisdom. (not least so that you won't get in debt again!)

You need His Spirit too!

What is it you need? What is it you want? Just a thought... what if you dared to ask God, "Father, what is it that I should want? You tell me what I should want?" 

Do you think He would say that you should want money? Or something else that you want primarily because you know it'll bring you money? A goose that lays golden eggs, perhaps?

Stop thinking that you need money to have desires of your heart. Give those desires to God. Make them known to God. Let your Father handle them. Trust Him to fulfill the desires of your heart. But in all of this, cast out the idol of money from your heart.

Let all the money of the earth burn... the Saints will still be calm. They will still rise and work and make the world better. They will still eat and rejoice, sleep and be warm, and dance and sing to the Lord. 

Your destiny is not dependent on your so called net worth. 

God determined your worth long ago. He determined the Price of your redemption. You know what it was? Nothing short of the Most Precious substance in the Universe... the Blood of His Son, Jesus, the Lamb of God.

Peace be to you all. May the Lord grant you all to see His desires to bless you without falling into mammon.

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