Friday, March 14, 2014

The blood of the New Covenant... not a theological treatise, but a new reality that will really turn your life around!

Jesus looked like He never had. His eyes didn't gleam with His usual radiant joy in the candle light, but rather a solemness they had never seen in Him made His face appear like flint. As He looked at His disciples at their supper table, He saw them and loved them greatly. He had just given them bread saying it was His body. Scarcely had the crunching sound of them eating it subsided, would He then reach for His cup of wine. Raising it with both of His hands, He declared,

"This is My blood shed for you. The blood of the New Covenant. Drink it!"

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How some moments can burst with awesomeness and awkwardness all at once. This was one of them. What did the disciples understand from this? They must have thought, "Blood... how can I drink His blood? And what of this, a covenant?" In the Biblical sense, blood contains the life of an animal. Jesus was giving them (and us) His life!

But the meaning of "the blood of the New Covenant" is less obvious. A covenant is what can be called a testament or will. Have you ever seen somebody's last testament and will? It is a document that details all they will leave behind of their possessions to their loved ones, family and friends. Imagine what it's like to be a left an inheritance from a rich man... how much more glorious is the inheritance left for you by Jesus, the Son of God and Creator of the Universe! Wow! We have such an inheritance where He left us His life, His glory and His kingdom. Can you believe it?

This isn't a feel good message that's absurdly beyond reality. It's those who believe the good news that benefit from it. The choice is yours today. Will you receive the blood of this covenant today? He wrote it with His own blood, on His body, while hanging from the cross... He loves you so much that He paid the utmost price possible to make it so!

By David Roiel
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