Friday, November 15, 2013

613 do's and dont's... CANCELLED!

Jesus blotted out the handwriting of laws against us, took it out of the way and then nailed it to the cross!” Col. 2:14

There is one type of person who was odious to Jesus Christ, one kind of guy whose smell He just couldn't stand. Do you know who? The religious person. He loved them to death, but He found their mindset abominable (Mat 23:13). The religious mindset is one which thinks that by being morally good you are granted good standing and acceptance with God. Jesus called this a “burden, heavy to bear” (Mat. 23:4).

Moses gave the Israelites a list of laws – some who have counted them say there are six hundred and thirteen of them. Yet God, amazingly, saw so much error in these laws (Heb. 8:7,8)! So deep was this faulty covenant that He sent us His One and Only Son to spill His blood on a wooden tree. And as that blood flowed from His heart out of His pierced and flogged body, it totally erased all those requirements which did nothing but condemn you to eternal death. You are so dear to Him that He would let the most precious blood of Jesus be poured out to completely wipe out this law so you could enjoy His presence, His love and His favor without having to worry about whether you have been good or bad, in the least. God isn’t Santa Claus! (And I like Santa, really I do).

As if that wasn’t enough, He took this list out of our way and then nailed it to the bloody cross on which His body, like the serpent on the bronze pole (Num 21:9), hung in the sight of all Israel - the nation of the law. My friend, you are now free to come to His presence, just as you are and you don’t even have to worry about this or that sin. You might be up to your neck in sin, but know that He’ll never ever hold it against you. Be blessed knowing how accepted you are today because of what Jesus did for you.

By David Roiel
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