Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jesus appeared to me in a dream and this is what He said

The following is the account of a dream I had on the 21st of January 2018 at around 5am. I have never had such a dream before or anything remotely like it. I went back to sleep actually and then typed it first thing in the morning. Let every word be tested. There's stuff here to meditate on for a very long time. I truly hope you are blessed by what He said. One of the interesting things is how He spoke to me, it was as if He said multiple words with just a single syllable and it was as if time was not flowing at all in the way it normally does, almost as if He was able to say more than one thing at once and I was able to understand it. Here it is:

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I see two men, and one asks the Other, right in front of me about why my breakthrough prayers are not being fulfilled. And the first asks the Other, "is it because his dreams/prayers/desires are wrong or bad?" The Other responds to him, but turns to me to do so and says" no, they are good dreams and they will be fulfilled, but just as Moses tried to fulfill his dreams and failed, and so must he (myself) do so as well." He continues and says something to the effect that was so enormously full and multifaceted but in only a sentence. It's as if a huge download began for me, to process all that He said. I say He - they both appeared as men, I'm not sure what they were wearing and they appeared quite regular, they did not appear very 'glorious' or 'heavenly'. But somehow I felt or knew that Jesus was the Other and the first who asked him was an angel. I did not know where I was, as if all else was dark but what these two standing with me, almost like a gentle spotlight. It was all very natural and coherent and peaceful.

This is what Jesus began to tell me (mind the change from first and third person) and the reason why the breakthrough hasn't happened:
  • First of all, he (meaning me) hasn't learned yet the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven. 
  • He is relying on himself.
  • He is thinking that money is the answer not realizing that trusting God for a lot of money is precisely not trusting God because it positions Money as the supplier of good, when only God is the source of all Good Things. A shift is needed to think according to the Kingdom of Heaven, which I (myself) am firmly part of and in, a system without money entirely. 
    • This is where the prosperity teachings errs incredibly (though one can learn a lot from them in other incidental ways "Faith, speaking the word and believing as you pray", these are things Jesus spoke profusely about). But many who rightly teach poverty as a curse, also have teachings that glorify money as the Provider and God as a means to get Money the false Provider.
  • The example of Joseph. Joseph believed God was with him and therefore God would also give him good success. This is Joseph's secret. His dreams were God-given and they were fulfilled but Joseph, unlike Moses, did not use what he had to try to accomplish it, but instead was living life in His presence, trusting Him and sowing Life. In contrast, Moses' used his position (much like I think of all the things I can do for God and my family with money) to accomplish his God-given dreams but the end result was a dead Egyptian and a hero-complex only in his mind. 
  • Sowing seeds of Life is what needs to be done. The seeds of Life comes from the Fruit of the Tree of Life. Understand that this corresponds to the Fruit of the Spirit. When we sow the acts according to the Fruit of the Spirit, we sow the seeds of Life in our world and the world at large. 
  • Jesus then said that I had to learn to eat from the Tree of Life rather than the fruit from the other Tree of  the Knowledge of Good and Evil (KOGE) like my father Adam. Adam had every tree to eat from except KOGE. When he ate KOGE fruit it bought on labor and death. When Moses acted by what he had in the Natural it was by the fruit of the KOGE, the strength of his arm (labor) and resulted in the death of the Egyptian (death). Jesus was saying I am still eating KOGE fruit to fulfill my dreams - it is never endingly laborious and ever a grand failure!
  • Now, without eating from KOGE, Adam and Eve lived a beautiful and restful life. If eating the fruit of KOGE bought sweat-of-the-brow labor and death and if without eating from the Tree of Life, there was already so much life and rest, what would have happened if they reached for the Fruit of the Tree of Life instead? How much more glorious it would have been?!?
  • Back to the Tree of Life. Jesus was saying I need to sow the seeds of the Fruit of the Tree of Life, which is the Fruit of the Spirit (at least in part). I can not sow according to the fruit of the KOGE Tree, which is labor and doomed to failure. In other words, my dreams can not be fulfilled by my self-effort. I need to use the Kingdom of Heaven's ways of Faith and Mark 11, speaking to Mountains and Believing I've received as I pray. Money is not a deliver from the system of the world, it is firmly part of the system of the world and even those with greatest amount of money are part of it, not liberated from it in anyway. And how do they have so much money? Most of the time their wealth was accrued by the ways of the KOGE - labor/death (whether it was a good way or bad way). 
  • He went on to say, that my job labor must be done as one under the Tree of Life, not KOGE.
There it is raw and fresh. There is SO much to expound on. Keep watching friends - I have noticed many in God's Kingdom, including myself and those close to me and many different kinds of teachers and preachers in the church speaking of something of the critical and amazing times we are living in. God bless you all. You're comments are welcome!

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  1. this is amazing!! can you expound more on this my brother? this is a unique revelation. Please elaborate more on this

    1. Hey There Jedidah82. Sure actually all the posts are actually expounding on this. Vert glad you enjoyed and wish you a 2019 of many blessings and higher glories.


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