Thursday, May 24, 2018

A harrowing warning Albert Einstein delivered about Israel and Peace in the Middle East way back in 1938

Look, I'm a Lebanese Christian who loves Jesus and blogs principally about our inheritance in Christ. However, Israel is very important to me and millions and millions of other believers in Jesus worldwide. But we are a confused body of Christ, who can not differentiate between the ancient Biblical stories that foster in us all a spiritual longing for a physical state embodying God's principles from what the reality of today's Israeli state is. I love both Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, but I don't shy away from writing the ugly aspects of this conflict, no matter who did what, and the 100 year long war that still rages and hurts my land and people to this day. (Every once in a while I get stuck in a writer's rut or keep writing incessantly about one subject and I'm in the middle of one such feedback loop right now... for more articles on Israel and Biblcial prophecy, click here).

When I saw these words of Albert Einstein, once dubbed by some "the Greatest Jew Alive" and a man whom I admire very much, as very few people understood, I believe, such a holistic level of responsibility and who had such depth to his thinking... so anyways, I just had to write this post. Most of us don't even understand the most basic of aspects of his work - we leave that to physicists - but as a biologist myself, I'm deeply impressed by the level of awakening and social responsibility this man imbued.

Einstein loved the Jewish people, but he understood so keenly from it's inception that it was doomed to a horror beyond words. In a way, that's exactly how I found myself feeling for Israel, this great love for a people who are both my ancestors and brothers, but this great hatred for what they are building... a happy state and future built on the broken dreams and ruined aspirations of another people; in short an illusion.

In 1938, a whopping decade before the state of Israel of 1948, Einstein so accurately described what Israel's future would like today, 80 years into the future.

This is what he said:
I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state.  Apart from practical consideration,  my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power no matter how modest.  I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain–especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks,  against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state.  We are no longer the Jews of the Maccabee period.  A return to a nation in the political sense of the word would be equivalent to turning away from the spiritualization of our community which we owe to the genius of our prophets.  If external necessity should after all compel us to assume this burden, let us bear it with tact and patience.
Einstein was being very circumspect in this speech but his message was very clear. Einstein was not against Zionism as he defined it back in 1938, but against how it would be enforced. He understood that conquering a people through war, expelling them and then forbidding their return, denying them citizenship (West Bank, Gaza) and creating such damage (even if it was in response to an attack) would erode the sacred moral, social and intellectual position of the Jewish people. Yeah, Einstein was a genius but he was stating the obvious; for the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob as revealed to us by the Bible was not a god for whom the end could justify the means. He knew the means by which Zionism would be upheld, had to be inline with the spirit of the moral teachings of the Bible.

Einstein's deepest fear was that his people would become like the fascists he just left behind in Germany. If you don't understand what he was trying to say, just on the eve of WWII and the holocaust that would claim 6 million Jewish lives, he understood that the State of Israel that would be built on the ruins and expulsion of another people (the Palestinians; if they even are 'another' people) would destroy the inner soul of Israel - it would doom a nation to being an oppressor; for Einstein this was the ultimate low point no matter how much economic and scientific success would be achieved. [These are Einstein's recorded general views on such topics.]

Instead, Einstein wanted a home for the Jewish people that would embody the very essence of Judaism, that would mean building a state where tikkun olam (a Hebrew saying meaning the repair of the world) would be the first and most principle driving force for themselves and their neighbors. 

Today, I wonder what is their game-plan for the 4 million people living under the control of the Israeli Army in the West Bank and Gaza who have no citizenship, no freedom of movement; whose lands are constantly appropriated, half of whom are refugees from areas that are now modern day marvels just across a giant wall, whose olive groves and vineyards are being uprooted, burnt and then stolen, whose waters are constantly being forcibly taken. What is the Israeli government's game-plan?

Will it be to expel them? Could it be genocide? No one's saying the Palestinians are blameless in this war (as a Lebanese, I understand this very clearly since I know what that the PLO's plan in Lebanon was to do to us what had been done to them). I understand very clearly that the spirit of the air, the world, he is satan, he instills in peoples a recurring curse; the evils done to them, they begin to do to others and don't realize they transform themselves into the image of the ones they hate and become worse. I say this of all the peoples of Israel and the Middle East alike. You don't fight such evil and darkness by doing more evil and dark things. You overcome evil with good.

So is there a way out? I believe there is: click here for more on that. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This Biblically-rooted, soundly scientific and historical narrative might just change the Middle East.

We all love stories, in every culture and and land, nation and ethnicity, the narrative is so important to how societies function. There is hardly a land right now that so desperately needs a new narrative more than the Levant - the area encompassing the Eastern Mediterranean with the countries of Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

Some of these countries have implemented narratives in their education system - Syria's decades old, Assad dynasty implemented a narrative that unraveled in 2011 (the war in Syria is a result of a failed narrative and is now being rewritten in fact). Jordan's Hashemite kingdom seemed to have more success. Lebanon had a narrative that has been on literally hold since its 15 year so-called civil war starting in 1976 - though the war ended 27 years ago, our history lessons at school stop at the year the civil war starts. Palestinians have had a changing narrative that has imprisoned generations of Palestinians into perpetual grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-victimization and hate for decades with no end sight. And Israel - well Israel has what they think is a Biblical narrative but it is not, and more importantly, is rejected by at least a fifth of their own citizens, not to mention the entire number of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza who are in fact, subjects of the Israeli government in one way or another.

So of these narratives, some claim to be historical, others are based on ethnicity, religion and history but the vast majority of them are steeped in problems. I believe that all the narratives of the Levant have failed and for those that have not led to disaster (like in Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian territories), eventually they too will collapse.

But there is a Biblical narrative that no body seems to have grasped and understood. This Biblical narrative is today backed by history and science like it never has before. Rather than going through the whole thing, here's the place we get it all wrong.

Number 1: "Israel" the country does not mean the 12 tribes of Israel. 

Number 2: The Jewish people are only 1 tribe - The promised land, covenant people of God are the 12 tribes of Israel and here's the thing - the Jewish people of today represent, for the most part, only a single of those tribes.

Number 3: It's not a conflict between Ishmael and Isaac. Palestinians - genetically speaking - are part Jewish, part Israelite, part Esau and even part Arab.

Number 4: Most of Lebanese and a huge proportion of Syrians are Jewish and Israelite in origins.

Number 5: Many Jews and Israelites forgot their history, but their genes and names didn't! There's much in a name. The history of family names provides a shocking picture - many of the names among Muslim and Christian families are purely Israelite and Jewish names of ancient biblical origins, that their bearers are completely ignorant of. Moreover, genetic studies of the day (those of 20 years ago do not count because today's studies are vastly more complex in orders of magnitude) really confirm the common origins shared between Jews, Christians of the Levant, most Lebanese and many Syrian communities. Palestinian Muslims have a lot of Jewish blood but genetic studies show they mixed with Jordanian and Arabian ancestries, not surprisingly since they were connected to the wider Sunni nation.

Number 6: Ancient Levantine Christian communities hold the key. Many Christians of Palestine, Syria and all of those of Lebanon are virtually identical to Middle Eastern Jewish communities today in the genetic sense of the word. They are in fact, distinct from adjacent, down-the-street neighborly communities. In other words, our Jewish brothers of Spain and Morocco in the Western Mediterranean are identical to Maronite in the heart of Lebanon for example. Moreover, the history and liturgy of these communities also testifies to this lost connection that once was remember but now is forgotten. These ancient Christian tribes are essential because they can serve as a bridge. We should have done this 70 and 100 years and not be discussing it now, but I think peace is never a too-late option.

So what's the new narrative that we need to work on? A narrative of Israelites long forgotten who now remember.

It's that yes, the Jewish people have returned but there are more Jewish and Israelite people right there in the land who have forgotten their roots and their re-unification with the Jewish peoples who identify themselves as such, is indeed the goal of this new, biblically-rooted but soundly scientific and historical narrative. 

This means that Israeli Jews need to start looking at themselves as the forerunners of a revived Israelite kingdom and have to completely change their world outlook. It also means that we have to reeducate the entire peoples of the Levant to stop seeing each other as enemies but as members of the same family. (I know, even if we were not of the same family we as believers in Jesus should work for peace and make it ourselves 'Blessed are the peacemakers' and this happens constantly among the children of God. But this is a hidden mystery that only is revealed that would help tremendously in bringing peace).

You may ask if this is realistic? I think in our age of global and social media, it is. Very few people today, understand history. This is true of the Middle East as any other place. But with social media, these narratives (for business, Western politics, and global issues) are constantly being produced and rewritten and adopted at phenomenally fast rates. We need to start doing this for good purposes, and not producing 'fake news' but true, life-changing news. 

Today, the Israelis don't think peace is a viable option. In fact, there is a real danger that Israel turns into a pre-1939 Germany like state. In those days, Nazi Germany vilified the Jews as a different people with a different agenda and history... it ultimately led to the unthinkable; mass genocide.

On the other hand, Palestinians have failed to produce a viable, non-violent form of resistance, and have in fact suppressed their history with shared Jewish ancestry.

When you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, it's called insanity, said Einstein once upon a time. 70 years on, I think it's time we start making the impossible, possible, and with God's help we will succeed. 

The Peace of Yeshua Jesus be upon you all. 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

A war that started in the womb - Israel and Palestine; Esau and Jacob still wage war 3000 years on and this is what it means to us

Great tragedy, great miracles and great upheavals... 70 years on after the creation of the state of Israel, feelings are confounding and uplifting, a mix of fulfilled prophecy and profound pain. Any one who understands the God of the Bible will understand that the so-called Nation of Israel (the return of the tribe of Judah specifically and not necessarily all the tribes of Israel) to their land is miraculous. And likewise, they will understand the tragedy suffered by the Palestinians, people who have lived and tilled their land for hundreds years before.

I've written elsewhere about how many of the regions people's are really Jewish and Israelites, people of whom it is told "you are not God's people" (see Hos 1:10; Ps 87) end up actually being Israelites and people of the birthright, genetically speaking. (It's only with today's technology could we have discovered this and the surprising thing is that the many enemies of the State of Israel, both from within and without, are all children of Israel!).

But here's another wrench in the machine of war and our neat but false ideologies. The rivalry between many of the Palestinians of today and Israel is one between two twin brothers of Biblical ages, Esau and Jacob. Could this be?

Firstly, check out the story if you're not familiar with in Genesis 25 (click here). Basically, Esau was the firstborn of Isaac, who was the heir of Abraham, Esau knew the promises of God to Abraham and they were passed to him by his father. Though Esau knew it, he regarded his birthright very lightly. People in the Middle East, you'd be surprised how casually they say things, both positive and negative. Words have little meaning and depth, from absurdly dark cursing to over the stars flattery - both are words cheaply spoken.

So when one day Esau comes home from the hunt with ravaging hunger and smells's his younger twin brother's delicious stew brewing, "Oh forget my birthright brother take it and give me soup cuz I'm starving to death!" Words said in jest maybe, but it reveals a deeper betrayal that somehow had taken root in Esau.

Did Esau regret his decision? Very much so, but he only realized this when Jacob (with his mother's help) deceptively stole Isaac's blessings! (I really am at a loss to explain this on various levels... indeed, Isaac's family wasn't whole to say the least, number one, and number two, how can someone steal a blessing? why is there a limited amount of blessing? things to ponder...)

Today, many of the Palestinians are heirs of Esau (along with Jordanians btw). It's true that many Palestinians and Israeli Arabs are indeed of Jewish and Israelite origins as you can see in the links to my other articles above. There is no doubt to this today. But I think most Palestinians are ancestors of Esau and then Arabians (descendants of Ishmael proper, who dwelt in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula and following the conquest of the land by Islamic tribes of Arabia mixed with the ancestors of Palestinians as they converted to Islam).

Could it be that Palestinians still suffer from the regret of their forefather?

I do not know, but the fact that Palestinians have lost the promised land and for 70 years have been incapable either of moving or constructively fighting to regain it speaks volumes. Palestinians in my opinion have been on the bitter end of two swords - the Israeli sword of occupation, doubtless but secondly, an even more powerful sword, the sword of generational regret, self-victimization and hatred. They are prisoners of these generational curses and for 70 years have been trapped unable to either fight a morally superior battle to the occupation and unable to invest in the future of their people.

So what are we to do?

1. There is a great spiritual significance in this story 

That significance is that as born again children of the Living God, as followers of Jesus, know your ultimate birthright. The birthright of who you are - a son and daughter of the Living God (Hos 1:10) and your ultimate inheritance... the Holy Spirit. And then treasure it! Don't consider it cheap or not worth your time and effort to discover it. I start this blog five years ago precisely to explore the vast land of our inheritance and I doubt I'm even a fraction of the way there even after 329 articles!

2. If you're a follower of Jesus and Jewish or Israeli...

Ask yourself if you are capable of understanding your history and able to really own it? Ask yourself if keeping a nation of 4 million individuals in the world's largest prison (Gaza and to a lesser extent the West Bank) is a right and justifiable in any way even considering the horror of the Holocaust? Ask yourself if keeping Arabs as second class citizens in some way is right in your country? Ask yourselves if it is right to fail to compensate the refugees of 1948 and 1967? Ask yourself if seeing God's promises fulfilled at the expense of your moral and spiritual compass makes any sense? Ask yourself why aren't the blessed peacemakers exalted enough?

These tough questions and those who answer them in Truth will begin to experience healing like never before.

3. If you're a follower of Jesus and Palestinian...

Ask yourself if you really trust God? Can you see God as your rewarder? Do you really trust in Him? Than if you do, begin to align your actions with your identity in God and wonderful things will happen. God has told us to fight darkness with light, not with darkness. In you, you have the capacity to love, to forgive, and to be victorious in a way that will confound the world. 

This is the world's most profound conflict. And I say it can be solved. One of it's key's to this peace is that the people's of the region are brothers in the closest degree. The Children of Israel are in Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and even Syria. They are all the tribes of Israel and they are all fighting each other. This is no accident of history and if you've ever wondered about the Holocaust, anti-semitism and the perpetual blood shed of the Promised Land and its wars in Israel, Lebanon, Syria... the answer lies in the fact that the real enemy of humanity - Satan - is doing everything he can to destroy God's Kingdom and Reputation. He's desperately trying to keep the land flooded in blood and drenched in the darkness of hatred and violence. Realizing this and awakening the peacemaker and royal priesthood of every believer is the key to reversing the enemy's works!

For more readings on this subject click here.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

This is the MOST DANGEROUS thing for Christians

Most people won't think of this. It's not Satan, some conspiracy or end time prophecy of doom. It's not a nation, or religion, or political system or party. It's something very, very close to the heart... in fact, it is precisely something that can reside in your heart.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash, modified by DR
Want to know what it is?

In one word - Guilt.

Many of us think feeling guilty is the right thing to do. And so naturally their lives are so focused on their sins causing their guilt. The most frequent thing in their prayers and in their talks with God is not His Love, Grace and Glory... no, it's just sin, sin, sin... well with a mindset like that where will you go?

The truth is that as a true, real, child of God in whom the Spirit of the Most High resides - you are righteous in Christ, forever... not in the past, not in the present... but in the past, present and future!

You say, but wait, how can I be cleansed and made pure, forever? I get it that it works for the past, but how can you say it works for my sins of today and tomorrow, too?

Friend, if when you sin you don't feel bad, you're not a real Christian, you're not a temple of the Spirit of God. Every believer in Jesus that is true and real will hate sin in their lives - but that does not mean they need to carry a Guilty Conscience. In fact, this guilty conscience betrays an ignorance of what Jesus has done. It is because we do not understand the significance of Blood in the Bible and the Sacrifice and if we do, we only understand it from the mindset of the Old Covenant without a Revelation of who Jesus truly is.

Crash course in the Biblical concept of Sacrifice

The book of Leviticus is not your everyday book but it was one of the most powerful pictures of Jesus repeated over and over and over. I will not go into details at all here. Simply, I want you to see what people did when bringing an offering of a bull, goat or sheep - the person making the offering (and there are several kinds, etc) had to put their hand on the head of the bull.

When the person placed their hand on the bull or animal, a spiritual transference occurred... the perfect animal (i.e. without any defects or blemishes) became sinful with the sinfulness of that person. The person's uncleanness and unholiness and transgressions and sin and GUILT was transferred to the animal. Then the animal would be killed, it's blood sprinkled in various places, it's parts burned or disposed of according to the sacrifice type.

The key part I want you to see is the transference happened with the laying on of the person's hand on the animal's head. That person took the animal's perfection (sinlessless, holiness, purity, clean conscience) and transferred his guilt and sin, etc to the animal.

The animal is a picture of JESUS and the sacrifice is a picture of what Jesus did for us - but with ONE BIG DIFFERENCE... that Sacrifice had to be done daily, frequently, yearly, whatever it had be done over and over. But that's not the same thing with Jesus! You see, the animal here is a picture of Jesus who is called the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world by John the Baptist, a Levitical Priest himself, who according to Jesus was the greatest among those born of women!

We who are in Christ, who are true, Spirit-dwellings of the Most High, guess what? Well, this transference has already occurred and stretches the fabric of time itself to go and cover our past and future sins!

And by that will [i.e. the New Covenant or Testament], we have been sanctified through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all... And where these have been forgiven, an offering for sin is no longer needed. Heb 10:10,18

It's difficult for us to comprehend because it is Grace and we are not used to Grace! Grace is not something the world has done a very good job teaching us (in fact, it never teaches us Grace). The greatest travesty in the church today is this utter confusion about Grace and the Covenants and the Baptisms and all this. We do not understand! We are mixed up. One second we speak Grace - the Ministry of the Spirit (as Paul calls it in 2 Cor 3) and then the next sentence, we speak the Ministry of Death, the Law, the Letter!

Take home this one thing - Jesus' Sacrifice is a SINGLE sacrifice for ALL time -your time, your life. 

So what happens when people don't realize this? What happens to people who hold onto a guilty conscience because they think it's the right (aka religious) thing to do?

A Guilty Conscience darkens your image of God so you see Him as judging, condemning and hateful when He is forgiving, blessing and loving.

A Guilty Conscience doesn't allow you to see the Blood of Jesus and His Grace, so that you live in the ministry of Death (the Law).

A Guilty Conscience, therefore, attracts the curse (Deut 28).

A Guilty Conscience - this is why it is so dangerous - attracts the enemy, just as it did to Job. (please read this to understand more about this)

A Guilty Conscience robs you of everything God has done for you.

If it's sunny, the sun will be darkened in your eyes. If you are blessing, suddenly fear of the curse comes. If you are righteous, you can not enjoy the Lord because you feel guilty. If you see visions, dark will be your visions. And most dangerous of all, a guilty conscience opens up a real door for spiritual attacks that leads to very, real, physical consequence.

And yet there's something worse! What happens when you are one who is teaching others in the "ministry" or at home as a parent, etc? Wow! That's where SO much damage is done.

Close that door by asking God to see His Grace, right now, today. You can either search in this blog about His Grace or go and search elsewhere (see for example, Mel Bond). But wherever you go, please go and ask the Spirit of God to show you this. Don't delay this. For a good start click here to read this post.
Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way opened for us through the curtain of His body, and since we have a high priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Heb 10:19-22

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Why you aren't experiencing the Spirit and the Supernatural

I want to get straight to the point. You are a believer in Jesus who has read and known of Jesus' miracles in the Gospels and the amazing Acts of the early Church. You greatly long for the touch of the Holy Spirit as You have in mind Jesus' promises for not only His Spirit but His greater works too (John 14:26, John 16:7)

The Works I do shall you do and greater works than these shall you do... John 14:12
And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not harm them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will be made well. Mk 16:17,18

But where does that leave you? Why aren't you experiencing more of the Holy Spirit and these miracles? Is it because of the teachings you hear or the church you go to (or don't go to)? Is it because of a certain sin, hidden or known? Is it your ancestry? Or was that really just for another time? 

We get all sorts of questions, and I will get to the major points in a second, but before I do, let me say that 20 years ago I decided to follow Jesus - whatever that means. Even though I very rarely went to church during that time and had very few, but a very precious few, solid believing friends I grew in my walk with the Lord and my study of the Scriptures. Though no one taught me how to do this, I suddenly began speaking in tongues about one year after I accepted the Lord (whatever that means too). About 10 years later, I would hear and recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit, very clearly and very frequently. Five years later I began to actually see, experience and perform miracles of various kinds, such as healings and even a single exorcism (telling a demon to leave a person). I have written about how to jump into these things elsewhere (*see below for more info).

So very early in my walk with the Lord on I began speaking in tongues, years later I began hearing the Lord's Spirit, then years after that - seeing and performing miracles. And now, just now, literally not two months from this day, I have been experiencing a flood of prophetic dreams, visions, and words, seeing Jesus, angels and other things and you can read about that all here on this page (click here) including 'how to' articles.

The goal of me writing all this today, is that I want your Spirit-Life to accelerate and hope you don't have to wait 20 years like I did and if you have waited a long time or even longer than me, please by all means do not put this off... this is YOUR INHERITANCE IN CHRIST... it's yours and it's God's delight that you plunge in and desire to enjoy it and serve Him as you do so.

Here are the things you must deal with to position yourself to plunge in this amazing world:

1) Understand what the Kingdom is... then seek it FIRST

Anytime you see a FIRST in the Bible. pay attention! Jesus' key to abundant life started with such a first. Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness and All These Things shall be Added to you. Mt 6:33

Here is what the Kingdom of God actually means, this is how you define it: The Kingdom of God is the Reign, Authority and Power of Jesus Christ made manifest in your life, on earth and in the world.

That's why Jesus taught us to pray "Your kingdom come."

Let me ask you, have you reached a revelation about the Kingdom, His Righteousness (not yours!) and what SEEKING it FIRST and above everything means?

If you set your mind on Seeking God's Kingdom and His righteousness first, you build your life in such a way that will be prepared for the work of the Holy Spirit. This is why it's so important.

If this was a requirement for basic things of life  (Mat 6:33), how much more the deeper, spiritual aspects of our walk with God?

2) Repent - this means you need to let go of your self-sufficiency

The concept of repentance is another loaded term (very often abused and misrepresented in my opinion). Jesus came preaching the Kingdom saying "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." In other words, the first words of Jesus in preaching was about the Kingdom and Repentance, that's how crucial and important this topic is.

But repentance for the one who is a child of God is not about crying and feeling guilty and condemning and then asking God to forgive so you can feel better and then doing it all over again. This is the world's concept of repentance and it has infiltrated the church and kept Christians weighed so much with guilt that they are spiritually, dwarves unable to grow. Friends, this is what GUILT does; this is what thinking about your sins does. People in the church are so focused on "my sins, my sins, my sins" every second word is about their sins. Well who is being exalted in their life like this? Is it the power, reign and authority of Christ (the Kingdom and Jesus the King)? Or is it encouraging them to be bound to this cycle of sin and guilt?

Don't get me wrong, the only reason I can write so confidently that your sins are forgiven is because of the ultimate Sacrifice on our behalf because of all the sins of each and every person, past, present and future... that Sacrifice was made by the Son of God, on the Cross! 

Child of God, YOU are totally forgiven not only now, and yesterday but also tomorrow and forever. That's the power of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross. Can you understand this?

Where does that leave repentance? Repentance is about letting go of your self-sufficiency - it's about changing your heart and mind about your sense of self-sufficiency. You see, self-sufficiency is the ROOT of each and every sin you will ever commit. Really it is!

But when you start repenting in this way and I daresay, living a lifestyle of repentance you will start to bear fruit of repentance which is such a good and effortless thing! The key is to let go of your self-sufficiency.

Why is this so important? Because in order to experience the Holy Spirit and let Him work with mighty results in your life, you need to learn to trust and yield to the Lord.

Which brings us to the next thing.

3) Righteous Living - Realize it's EASIER to yield to Righteousness than to sin

I want to credit a  guy called Mel Bond for showing me this statement. All he did was put the word 'easy' in Paul's letters to Romans a few times and yet what an ANOINTED word! How strategically it was placed - for me, at least. Why? Because it tore off spiritual scales on my eyes that made me think it was not only hopeless for me to expect victory over sin but that it was always a battle to avoid sin in the first place. And that's the mistake we are all doing as children of God.

Those of us who are indwelt by God's Holy Spirit - I'm addressing my bros, sisters, it's already EASY for us to yield to Righteousness! But we're so focused on resisting sin. Do you see the difference? One mindset is focused on fighting sin and the flesh, when instead all we need to do is RELAX and YIELD to God's Righteousness in us as we see and understand the Cross and what Jesus accomplished for us already. 

This is the way to experience real and quick results, no kidding (click here for more on this). And why is this so important?

Again, this teaches you to start yielding God. It's a very spiritual exercise that may not seem like it's filled with the Spirit, or the Spirit's gifts, or the supernatural, but it is a spiritual discipline that is absolutely key to experience more of the Lord and His greater works.

That was just a warm up! Are you ready to really start?

4) Awaken your spirit

What does it mean to be born again?

We hear it from many people, especially evangelical circles. I say I'm born again and have said it for two decades. But let me tell you a secret. We've been using it ALL wrong!!!

Whoa! Really? Really. Here's why: Being born again is entirely spiritual, not intellectual or rational.

Let me elaborate. Jesus said unless we're born of the Spirit, born again, we can not see the Kingdom of God (see John 3:3,5). In other words, we are born on this side of eternity, with a spirit waiting to be born! But until Jesus comes and lets His Spirit birth your spirit, and obviously you're willingness has a role to play, this does not happen. So those who are not yet children of God are not born again and as result they can not see the manifestation of the power, authority and reign of Jesus or in other words, the Kingdom of Heaven.

But then, why are so many believers in Jesus unable to see His Kingdom manifest?

I believe every child of God is born again but not all of us are awake or cognizant (2 Cor 5:17) of the fact that our spirit has really been born anew! We don't realize that being a New Creation (as Paul spoke of here) is a very spiritual experience.

Most Christians operate their Christianity on a purely intellectual and rational level but have very little if any spiritual and Spirit-Fire experiences. Let me elaborate.

You see long ago Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and his spirit life fell. There was a spiritual death that occurred, long before there was physical death in his body but his rational mind and heart remained intact. So today all humans are born with their intellect, their mind, intact but there's a part of us - our spirit - that are not yet born.

What happens when one person becomes a true believer in Jesus and His Finished Sacrifice of the Cross? Their spirit is born! But there is a clash between the rational part of our soul against the new spirit and creation. The rational part of us is not willing to really accommodate the spirit, afterall we've lived years with our rationale and now that we are 'born again Christians' we continue to live as rational beings but this part of our being fights with the new spirit in us.

Most Christians, including myself, live by the rational part of our being and we therefore need to learn to live in total harmony with the spiritual part of our beings. Some people think being spiritual is being stupid. Not at all! Our spirit and mind were made to work together as one, in perfect and amazing harmony. (Please click here for more on this).

5) Seek the Spirit and let Him lead you

Which brings us to our final point. No, there is no magic formula. And maybe even if you have wanted this so badly, I hope you now realize it requires a major paradigm shift in our thinking. This is what Paul meant when said our minds had to be renewed (Rom 12:1) because the world has been teaching us to only think in the mind and the ways of our mind are far more mature than our new, baby spirit.

But what is then, spiritual growth? It is simply to learn more of how to CONNECT with the HOLY SPIRIT in every situation you find yourself on a daily basis.

In His teaching on how we needed pray, Jesus encouraged and almost pleaded us to ask for the Spirit:
So if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”  Luke 11:13
The Holy Spirit dwelling in us - who is God Almighty and God is the Spirit -  is our greatest Inheritance in Christ! Greatest!

Ok, now what? - one word - YIELD to the SPIRIT

No matter how many churches you go to, sermons you hear, prayers that are prayed for you or books you read, if you're not really advancing in the things of the Spirit, nor experiencing Him more even though you greatly desire to see His touch and experience Him more... here is the Key Message in all of this - LEARN TO YIELD TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is a spiritual exercise that you need to train yourself on. It involves a heart that truly seeks the Kingdom, a repentant attitude as I defined above, living righteously and working out His Righteousness in our very lives, being awake to our New Spirits and asking and waiting for the Holy Spirit.

All that is in one phrase - LEARN TO YIELD TO THE HOLY SPIRIT. Take baby steps and don't be afraid! Always remember, that if you focus on your sins and not on the Cross and Jesus' Righteousness, that's a recipe for spiritual stagnation and many workings of spiritual (and physical) death. Always remember, you are fully forgiven and it is His desire for you to thrive spiritually and live abundant lives, more abundant that anything the world can give you or imagine.

So press forward! Yield to the Holy Spirit! And greater things are coming for you! May the Lord enlighten your eyes with spiritual understanding and multiply His Grace to you. I can't wait for the outpouring that is about to come on your life. Amen. 

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