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Why America will not burn in judgment fire

It seems that everywhere you look the message that has captivated believers of Jesus is not one of grace, life and redemption, but of death, judgement and destruction. Does that make sense to you?

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It only makes sense in the light that the church is still neck-deep in the mindset of the Law (the ministry of death) and if anything many of her members are going even further into the Old Covenant. Listen, what if I told you that America is blessed with a good and bright future? Or whatever country or city you may be from? You think you could say that? Do you think you have the right to say such a thing? If you do, you're very audacious... you're also grasping the reality of what it means to be in Christ!

Everyone questions your right to pronounce a blessing on your nation or city (see Prov 11:11), but when it's comes to cursing it or agreeing with it's proclaimed downfall, nobody blinks! (I've written about this here).

Remember the story of Lot? "Righteous Lot" as Peter called him. He was the nephew of Abraham, living in one of the most sinful, proud, violent and human-rights-abuse-infested places ever (yes I purposely left out homosexuality, see Ezek 16:49). And one day just before it's famed destruction by fire, Abraham stops the Lord Himself in His tracks and tells Him, "Don't do it! What if 50 righteous people are in it? Will you consider the wicked the same as the righteous?!" 

So He replies, "No, I won't. For the sake of 50 I will not destroy it." 

Seeing the Lord was in what he thought was a bargaining mood, he then boldly went further, 45... and 40, 30? Woah, Abraham you're pushing it, yet he still went on. What about 20?... 10???  

"For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it." (see Gen 18:16-33)

Ahhh! Abraham, what stopped you from asking for one? For the sake of just one - your one and only nephew, "righteous Lot"? Because I tell you, for the sake of one righteous soul God would not have destroyed it! Isn't that obvious when God sent His One and Only Son to bear the judgement, the entire judgement and sin and depravity of the world, ever, that was and is and is to come?

"Behold, The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!" 
John 1:29

You know why Abraham stopped at 10? 10 is the number of the Law, the ministry of death. 10 commandments. Moses got them down and saw the Israelites sinning and he smashed those slabs on the floor in anger. Clearly this was a sign... yet he went back up to get them! One of the amazing things about the 10 commandments is that God didn't tell Moses to put them on display in the temple. Instead, He told him to put them in the ark; Do you know what the ark is? It is a coffin... sin's tomb! 

When people talk about the death and destruction and judgement of one of the most spiritually thriving nations and perhaps the strongest legacies of solid, powerful, graceful, saints of the Lord in recent history, what are they thinking? What is shocking is that it is the church who does this with the loudest voice when not even America's enemies do that!

Make no mistake, they use the Bible for this. Just because someone in a suit stands behind a pulpit with a gold-rimmed Bible and quotes the Book doesn't mean it's God's heart. You can twist and turn the Bible, not intentionally, but even in the most subtle, undetected ways. There is definitely a way to read the Bible and it is in the Light of Jesus' Grace and His Presence. Read it with the wrong mindset and you will get conclusions that are very wrong as well. 

But I tell you, that for the sake of one righteous man or woman, a nation's fate can drastically change; this is true be it the USA or North Korea,  France or Afghanistan, Brazil or Iraq. I don't care. One righteous...

So why won't your country burn in hell fire... well, because you are the righteous son and daughter of God. You are a Royal Priesthood. And for your sake alone, if you are indeed alone, it shall be spared. And why stop there? There's so much more you can do! For in Christ, you are called to greater things!

David Roiel
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