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The days of the royal priesthood are at hand... your days!

"But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." 1 Pet 2:9

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Have you discovered the meaning of being a royal priest? I believe very few of God's children know it. Not that I'm more special or favored than a single one of them, but I believe that we are in a great and glorious time... and here's just a small glimpse of that vision.

At the very peak of the kingdom of ancient Israel, a symbol of the body of Christ today, David - from the tribe of Judah - ruled as king. Meanwhile, the high priest, a descendant of Aaron from the tribe of Levi, represented the entire nation to God. Thus it was that those who governed and administered justice were of a different lineage than those who spiritually led and blessed the nation. Unfortunately, the body of Christ has yet to get out of this old mentality. You see, each and every single son and daughter of God, is called to be of a royal priesthood - not those of David's royal lineage nor of a Levitical descent - but as children of the great King Priest, Jesus Christ.

There was a man who was neither a king nor a priest and though he lived several centuries before Christ, he somehow saw His day and understood, perhaps even subconsciously, that in the coming age of Jesus, every child of God would reign as a king and priest. His name was Daniel and when he was young, his country (the kingdom of Judah) was overrun by the mighty Babylonian empire. He was taken as a prisoner and exiled in the city of splendor, Babylon. But because of God's favor, he easily and quickly rose through the ranks and become a chief adviser of the king and governor of the land. 

One day, he remembered his country. Years of pent up grief exploded like a super nova in his soul. Pain, misery and anguish overtook him as he heard news of his land; his city and God's temple was in ruins while his people languished, distraught and scattered as refugees in a seemingly endless exile - hey, take a close look at the Middle East today; it hasn't changed much!

Yet he rose that day and prayed for forgiveness... not for himself, but for that of his family, tribe and nation, and even his ancestors! God heard his prayers. And from the ashes of exiles two great prophets would rise up not long after, Nehemiah and Ezra, who led their people back to the land. Indeed, the children of Judah were exiled for 70 years in total... for most nations who had been exiled by the Babylonians, this never happened, but because the one man, Daniel, rose up as a king-priest to his people - though he was neither royalty nor priestly- his people saw the unthinkable and impossible reality of returning home, come to be.

You, on the other hand, unlike Daniel are not under the Old Covenant of Law, where death, judgment and sin is the fruit. You are now under the covenant of Jesus Himself, the New Covenant, one that declares you just, forgiven, righteous, perfect and whole... One where you have the Spirit of Christ, living, breathing, teaching, guiding and empowering you day by day. Jesus does not call you His servant... He sees you as His friend, and the very glory that crowned the King of kings, He gladly gave you (John 17:22) so you too would reign with Him, as kings and priests (Rev 1:6)!


When you start understanding your identity in Christ, that you are truly and always a Son and Daughter of God, what a great blessing you will be to those you love, those around you and even the world!

Greater things are coming... not in heaven, but here on earth. Do we not pray "as it is in heaven, so let it be here on earth"?

We're called to rise from glory to glory... and it's going to be far more amazing than anyone has imagined!

So, are you ready to step into the order of the Royal Priesthood?

By David Roiel
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