Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sin's tomb

“…put their complaints away from Me, lest they die.” Numb 17:10

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The journey of the Israelites out of Egypt, through the desert and into the promised land is one of great treasures for us today as God’s children. The Israelites were by no means grateful for their deliverance. At every step of the way, the slightest obstacle that they perceived was an occasion for them to rebel and complain.

They were freshly delivered from 400 years of slavery, left Egypt rich and passed through the Red Sea on dry land yet when they reached the desert they raised an outcry that Yahowah had led them so far only to starve them. So God gave them manna – the food of angels. They then arrogantly told God they could obey every command He said, so He gave them the ten commandments on stone tablets that not one man on earth can keep to this day. Afterwards, they rebelled outright against Moses and Aaron because of jealousy. So God set apart the house of Aaron as priests by causing his wooden rod (a dead branch) to flower and give forth ripe almonds.

The manna, the stone tablets and the rod of Aaron were put in a box, overlaid with gold and entombed forever – this box is called the ark of the covenant… its basically a coffin! On top of the ark, was God’s ‘throne of mercy’. God did not want to ever remember the ingratitude, sins or rebellion of the Israelites so much so that He put even the memory of these things in the ark and then covered it with His mercy! You can be sure that God will not be angry when you cry out to Him in anger, make vows you can not keep or even turn away from Him in spite.

He has forever covered and buried your sin in a tomb that is now no where to be found! The ark of the covenant was sprinkled with the blood of animals which could never really wash away the sins of Israel. But Jesus’ blood now spilled and sprinkled on you forever washes you from all your sins! So hear God tell you, “Come My sons and daughters, My wandering children; don’t be afraid, for not one sin you have ever done or will do shall ever come between us again!”

By David Roiel
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Photo courtesy of Flickr (Han Shot First)

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