Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are you under the ministry of death?

Life. It's one word that describes God's will for you. The vast majority of earth believes that word should be 'Law'. You have to do this and avoid that, follow these rules, hear and obey, grind your teeth and work hard! And when you've done it all, your left feeling guilt that you should have done more! From the ten commandments along with the rest of the 613 laws of Moses to the religious spirit that puts on you the burden of obligations and obedience, this is the law.

Paul, who had mastered the law, calls it the ministry of death and condemnation (see 2 Cor 3). When this is how you see God's will for you, you condemn yourself to death. Is that what you want for you and your loved ones? He went on to say that whenever you are under law you put a veil over your face so you can not see God's glory, His true nature and heart for you... which is life and life abundantly because of His love for you.

Today, many followers of Christ have veiled themselves with the law, so that when they open the Bible and hear messages of this ministry they come out saying "Wow, that's powerful!" Yes, it's powerful enough to kill you! This veil is only taken away in Christ Jesus - when you see Him on the cross, giving you His righteousness as a free gift and when you hear Him saying to you;

"My beloved sons and daughters, all I want is life for you. That is why I gave you My life, My blood, and made you My children. Your sins are forgiven... always and forever! Think not on them any longer, because sin is out of My mind when I see you. I tell you this for your joy, for your life and so that you would rise to the glorious calling I have given you. I have set you apart, not to hear and obey, but to reign in life with Me!" 

Friends, now is the time to discover your inheritance. Now is the time to see all the love and glory God has clothed you with. So put on the goggles of God's grace and see the amazing things of the Almighty as they truly should be! So be it.

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By David Roiel
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