Sunday, January 22, 2017

Is Christianity becoming a religion for lame ducks?

Every person in this world was created in the image of God - to reflect and emanate the Glory of the Most High, the unspeakable, unimaginable and incomprehensibly bright and beautiful glory of God.

And yet, I feel there is such a spirit of mediocrity that sets in among the church, dulling them to their destiny in Christ.

That is what your Bible says... John 14:12. I'm ready for this, are you?
Believers in the throngs are asleep to their righteousness - they are like Job, always afraid for having sinned, obsessively confessing the tiniest hint of sin out of fear. They don't understand they are forgiven and are under no such thing as assurance of His grace.

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And then there are those who are dead to the Spirit and His power. What is Christianity, friends, without power? Without miracles of healing and deliverance and mighty prayers than shake kingdoms and nations? NOTHING.Nothing but another world view that makes believers obedient sheep, hard workers, satisfied with near minimum wages and zero prospects of ever owning a house, or making a real difference. Keep your head, be content and pretend all is well.

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You know that the Protestant work ethic is one of the things that has made the modern Western nations so great as civilizations? And do you know that Chinese thinkers understand this and tolerate Protestantism for precisely that end? And make no mistake of it, it's so they can raise an army of workers who will be satisfied working in toxic factories for the rest of their lives because they earn more money in the polluted cities than as meager rice farmers in the fields.

I was so moved when I saw a video of Donald Trump during the campaign reach out awkwardly for a baby. I have nothing against the Donald, but this was not one of his shining moments. He takes the baby and than hands it back to the parents saying the baby's going to be a factory worker. I was stunned. Here is one of America's most successful men blessing this baby to be a factory worker... a good worker, keeping his head down, tolerating the fumes and chemicals out of ignorance, maybe he'll be lucky if he owns one of those big pick up trucks, because his lot will statistically be debt, divorce and tonnes of dullness.

Am I the only one asking how in the world was everyone applauding to that??? "Amen! Factory worker, woooh!"

There is NOTHING wrong with being a factory worker. But I think there is a better heritage for every son and daughter of Christ. None of us are what we do. We are who we by His grace, we are above all His children and that is our identity.

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I feel the church has embraced this thinking. We are huddled in our churches debating Scripture passages when the world is dying and broken and decaying. Instead of raising a generation of leaders who will live out their lives in wisdom, grace and love, we are raising a people who will totally undifferentiated from the masses.

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Like the rest of the world, they will work. Like the rest of the world, they will watch TV during most of their free time. Like the rest of the world, they will think the greater things of life are to be done only by the few. Just smile and applaud and don't dare dream.

I am praying that the church will awaken to our glorious inheritance in Christ, to our awesome power in Him, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and that we would no longer be foolish but that our wisdom would shine a thousand times brighter than a million suns.

I pray what Paul prayed and I do so because I know that is what we are called to.

I pray that for everyone reading this post.

God bless you all.

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