Thursday, February 20, 2014

The gospel of heaven to earth

The gospel isn't about heaven and hell. It's about living life to the full on earth! It's good news to the poor, sight for the blind, hearing for the deaf and freedom to the oppressed... in heaven the poor, blind, deaf and oppressed don't exist!

2000 years ago, the followers of Christ were so different from us today. The good news wasn't preached through intellectual attempts to convert people to a new religion... it was declared boldly by signs and wonders, miracles and healings (Acts 4:29,30). Following Jesus isn't about studying the Bible... it's about receiving life from the Spirit and becoming a river of life yourself.

Today, I want to share with you what these Scriptures (that is the most studied Book in history) say about you who are in Christ.

They say that you are an heir of God. That means that what the Son of God deserves and received as an inheritance is yours.

They say you are called to a great hope. That means you can expect with great confidence that you will not only be greatly blessed in life but also be a blessing to many.

They say that the resurrection power of God who raised Jesus from the dead and installed Him as King over every authority, power, might and dominion, is now in you! Wow. The power to give life in death is in you. The power to reign in life is on you! That's not all.

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The Scriptures declare that you are the fullness of God on earth. Think about that one. How many times have you tried to be filled with God? You fasted, prayed, and read the Bible for hours. And yet this Book, all along, has declared these wonderful things to you.

Friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe we have an even greater revelation than the church fathers of 2000 years ago. And we're just starting to open our eyes. So, are you going to stand on the edge? Or will you take the plunge and let God show you just who you are? :)

Stay tuned for more on this! Scripture references (Ephesians 1:15-23 and Romans 5:17)

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By David Roiel
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