Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rise high above, for that is your destiny in Christ!

WARNING! This post is a 'little' longer than my usual posts. But it's likely to be a blessing to anyone who reads far more than usual too!

"And Yahowa will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only, and not be beneath." Deuteronomy 28:13

Have you ever looked closely at a sheep's face? Sheep's faces must have the dumbest looking expression I have ever seen in any animal. They look absent-minded and oblivious, eating leaves as they lazily follow the voice of their shepherd. It's a very sad fact of life when many people, people created in God's image and who all have such a great capacity of intelligence end up mindlessly adopting opinions about life, spirituality, God, politics, finances, family, health and many other things that are so detrimental to their lives and that of society too. Now, the sons of God are in a very different situation: as a child of God you have received the gift of righteousness given to you by Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God and even the mind of Christ! Unfortunately, God's children behave like sheep too mindlessly pursuing people here and there, in both the spiritual and non-spiritual realms of life.

To be sure, we are sheep, but sheep of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd who laid down His own life for His sheep! Can you imagine a goat herder doing that? Likewise, the influencers of this world very often take great advantage of those who follow them, just as a shepherd will use the sheep for their wool and then kill them for meat. What's amazing for God's child though, is that our Shepherd is Himself the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, as John the son of Zechariah testified. In other words, He's both a Shepherd and a Sheep; He's in the same boat as you are and you can be sure, if Jesus is in your boat, you will always get to your destination safe and sound!

You are now in a position to have such wisdom and knowledge that it is impossible to describe. The righteous know all things - as a righteous one, remember that Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would guide you into all truth and teach you all things. It doesn't matter what situation you need wisdom for, whether it's how to raise your children, handle a situation at work, fix a broken appliance at home or understand a decades-long conflict or the deepest mysteries of God-breathed Scriptures, the Holy Spirit lives in you and waits on you to ask Him! You don't need to go to the internet, purchase a whole series of books by a minister or ask this or that person, because you have God's Spirit living in you, available for you at any time. Sure it's good to ask wise and godly souls around you for advice, to read good books and keep yourself informed, but how often do you ask the Spirit saying "Father, how do I handle this?"

I once heard the story of a single mother, working as a maid who depended on the Spirit. This woman happened to be African-American and lived during a time of great difficulty for those of her race in the United States. Besides working many hours each day she had two sons who were failing miserably in school. The odds were really against her and her children. Yet one day, as she was cleaning, she realized that the very rich people she served rarely watched T.V. and read books a lot. As she noticed this, she brought this to God's attention and in her heart asked Him for advice. She went back home with her answer, turned off the T.V. and began encouraging her children to read books. Both of her sons became very successful, first in school and then in life. One of her sons, is Ben Carson, a very influential and acclaimed neurosurgeon - it was he that recounted this story in an interview I saw (click here to see it)

You see, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can even lift your family out of poverty and provide a bright future to your children! How I wish God's people too would stop being beggars of the spirit and listen to the Holy Spirit, realizing what they have been given by God's grace! Wow! I'll tell you a secret - even if no one reads my posts (though thousands do!) I am so blessed by writing these things because I love hearing this good news! May the Holy Spirit illuminate you and give you great wisdom and revelation for all things in your life! Be blessed this day. In Jesus' name, amen!

By David Roiel
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