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5 signs you are under law, the ministry of death.

Paul spoke much about grace. But if there is one thing that ruffled his feathers it was law. He couldn't stand it when his beloved brothers and sisters went back to the law. Here are five signs that show you are (wholly or in part) under law. If you find you have some, no problem! Talk to God about it and simply embrace His undeserving, constant favor over you...

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1) You feel bad when you realize you haven't prayed or read the Bible in a while.

This shows that you think you are far from God when you don't do these 'spiritual disciplines' as some call it. Listen, God truly delights in your presence. Can you imagine receiving a visitor who only came to your house because he feared you and felt obligated? Your Dad loves to see you talking and listening to Him more than you can imagine. So come to Him when you want to, as much as you want. No obligations. No 'discipline'. Just do it when you want to. At least, that's how I would want my children to come to me.

2) After you sin, you deprive yourself of joy and God's presence. 

Do you know what the word righteousness means? It means, that no guilty verdict can ever rest on you. Jesus gave you His righteousness as a free gift. So when you sin, it doesn't change your righteousness. Just as doing right can never make a sinner a saint, so doing wrong can never make a saint (which is what you are) a sinner! So if you've sinned recently, thank God for your forgiveness already given to you before you were even born. Enjoy the day, don't beat yourself, make the amends with the people you hurt if you have and then, forgive yourself.

3) You often apologize to people when you can not do what they ask of you.

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Some people can't say no. They feel obligated all the time to help people out. They'll go out of their way, deprive themselves of sleep, come home late or make up the time in some other way, just so they can fulfill other people's requests. It's alright to say no. The church would be such a different place if people served God because they really wanted to and enjoyed what they were doing. Always do things because it is your desire - when you serve, help or volunteer under compulsion it truly leaves you embittered and benefits no one. But God's loving style is this; He never does something because He has to, but only because He wants to!

4) You like the message of self-sacrifice and self-denial.

"Oh wow!" I told them... "That message was great. I was really convicted." That's a clear sign your under law. The Spirit convicts you of your righteousness not sin (I welcome your challenges on that one). The entire gospel is centered on the supreme act of Self-Sacrifice and Self-Denial in the Universe; the offering up of Jesus, the Son of God. Focus on His sacrifice for you, and you'll be amazed at how much you will effortlessly bless and serve others. Focus on how you should sacrifice and serve God more and one day, if not now then later, you will sink in a sea of self-inflicted bitterness. Trust me on that one... been there, done that!

5) You agree with this statement: You gotta have balance when it comes to grace. 

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There was a time that people thought if they sailed to far to the east or west, north or south, they would fall off the edge of the world. Some think if you teach people that their sins are totally forgiven, they will sin more. Ok. What if you preached, instead, that their sins aren't forgiven... would they be able to sin less? Sin is so utterly sinful that it thrives on that message! Did you get that? The food of sin in your life is the law. Feed on God's grace and you will find sin being put to death in you more and more. So run as freely and as fast as you like in the country of your Father's favor... you'll never reach it's end!

All is not lost if you see you are under law... precisely because you are under grace. When God see's you, He doesn't see a servant, slave or student... He see you as His child. And you know what He's telling you today?

"My beloved Son, My beloved Daughter, I Am so proud of you! Your performance doesn't matter to Me. Yes, you want to do well, but when you understand that I'm not after your performance, that's precisely when you will perform well. I love My children. I think they are the best and I won't have any one tell Me otherwise... especially not you!"

By David Roiel
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