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What real Christians should think about Trump, Israel and Islam in a nutshell

It's very strange to me, but no other country in the world has so many Christians who are as strongly involved in politics, but in the wrong way, than the USA. Let me say this firstly, the USA is a blessed country. It has a heritage of solid followers of Christ who genuinely made the world a better place. I think of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and countless others. The US would not be where it is today, a land of freedom and diversity and innovation, had it not been for this real church, many of whom founded this amazing nation. It seems that both this freedom and diversity, however, have never been under greater threat than it is today.

May the light in us be full of His Light!
Unfortunately, for the American church, politics (think, the Republican party) has an unholy union with the church, so much so that it seems 'Christian' and 'Republican' have become synonyms. This should not be so, though I have nothing against any party or president, etc, neither should any Christian biblically speaking.

I strongly believe that faith and politics do not mix well. For the believer, it is wisdom that mixes well with politics; we are called to be WISE men and women not foolish, full of GRACE not hate or condemnation, who speak the truth in LOVE. In this way, we can participate in politics and give very useful input; the world desperately needs this kind of Christian.

But are wisdom, grace, truth and love things you associate with Christians raising their voices for political causes these days? Many vocal, self-declared Christians in the USA are full of downright stupidity, hate, condemnation, and lies. You know a tree by its fruit, folks!

Its not morality or religion that has to dictate your positions politically - its something far superior, its the Spirit of Christ and His revelation of what God's kingdom is like. His Spirit is the Spirit of love, power, and wisdom.

Jesus did not go out into the world condemning liberals, Muslims, transgenders, scientists, and drug users. In fact, a large part of Christians in the US have embraced an ideology that is just downright anti-Christ. The political and ideological 'right' of the world has gone so far down into extremism that Jesus could easily be considered a leftist and liberal by today's standards.

Today's Christians who are loudly vocal in politics and issues of their day seem to be on the wrong side of nearly every issue! They are down-right adopting the most anti-Christ like views and have thrown justice, reconciliation, peace, love and truth to the dustbins of history in their misplaced zeal. So much as this happened I am extremely wary of calling these folks believers. And if they truly, then I can only think that they are innocently ignorant at best.

That said, what should your positions be then as a believer when it comes to Trump? Well pray that he may rule wisely, but don't root your identity and hope in a man or political party for that matter. You are not a Trumpite, or Republican, or even American first... you above everything else, are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. How is it that today's Christian Americans so zealously align themselves with the political powers of the day? I know not.

What about Israel? The unholy union between Christianity and Zionism is just that. I can not fathom why it exists and it is truly a very anti-Christ union. Do I wish for Israel's destruction? How can I as a believer in Christ wish for the death or destruction of an entire nation? Or how can I as a Christian wish for occupation or for one people to crush another people? As if enough of that hasn't already happened in our worlds, especially the New World!?

Yet that is precisely what Christians declare when they so blindly support the most hard-line Israeli policies.  If you are a brother or sister in Christ, please listen... you can not support Israel like you do without ditching justice, peace, reconciliation and truth. Instead of being a warmonger, be a peacemaker!

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What about Islam? You are Christian not in the religious sense but in a spiritual sense. This article only addresses those who agree with that statement. Muslims - are just another group of people with a set of beliefs. Neither closer nor further than religion X, Y or Z. Muslims are made up of HUMANS... so treat them as you would treat any other human, treat them as you would treat the Image of God, because that is precisely what every man, woman and child are.

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Because we are in the world but not of it, these issues are difficult. We, like everyone else, feels the need to be patriotic, to defend our lands and stand up for what is right. But we are above all citizens of the Kingdom, we are Kingdom Christians as I call such believers who are wise in all things. We can not hold to knee-jerk reactions or accept blanket labels. We are to be conformed to Christ not the world and that will be a struggle we have as long as we are here.

Great will be the day when Kingdom Christians truly and finally live, speak and act as the salt of the earth and light of the world.

May God give you wisdom, seasoned with His grace, rooted in His love. We are called to greater things in Him!

Stay tuned for my next posts on some of the Bible's greatest Kingdom Christians - they will give you a model of how to deal with politics and such issues like you've never heard of in the world before!

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