Wednesday, March 4, 2015

If God's will is to heal, how come it doesn't always happen

A reader recently asked one of the toughest questions those wanting to experience healing can ask... the following is a shortened (believe it or not!) summary and shared with her permission.

"Hi, I appreciate your posts. I just read an article about the passing away of a famous pastor's son. His mother really believed for his healing. What are your thoughts about God's will for healing when a parent has an ill child? He had been ill through his childhood and died in his late twenties……I guess I just want to know why did God not heal him?"

Yes and a thousand times... yes.
Here is my response:

What happened to this family is a terrible tragedy. But the question you asked is wrong - "...why did God not heal him?" It should have been "Why didn't this person receive healing?" Now, that question isn't necessarily easier to answer in the least, but if there's one thing I know for sure, God did not make this person sick or withhold His healing from him.

These kind of stories are some of the chief reasons that keep people from believing that it is always God's will and heart to heal, protect and bless their families. When someone faces these kind of thoughts, it's a crucial juncture for them, and one ought not to deal lightly with these issues. I have a very dear friend that, when I told him about the certainty of God's will when it comes to healing and these kind of things, reminded me of a teenager of 15 years that we both knew in our church who suddenly dropped dead. His family were very sweet and this young man was a friend of mine... He was full of life, joy, strength and promise.

These experiences are powerful. We often try to explain them by thinking that God brought them punishment. Remember how Jesus' disciples asked Him why a certain man was born blind? They asked "Who sinned? His parents or himself?" They were assuming that someone must have sinned and that God punished them. Indeed, according to the generally accepted interpretation of the Old Testament, that is exactly what should have been asked.

Nonetheless, it is a fundamentally wrong question to ask; Jesus came to show us in the most explicit and clear way what the will of God was... namely, healing and health for you and I! His will was to always heal every person that was willing to receive it. He turned no one away from this gift, did He? He is the same, today, yesterday and tomorrow. And that's the crux of the matter.

Back to this pastor's son; why wasn't he healed? I know that Jesus carried that man's sickness on His body 2000 years ago. But I don't know why he never received it and won't venture to guess. Neither can you.

But lets be clear on one thing, Satan's goal is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Jesus wasn't talking about stealing money, killing ants or destroying sand castles... He was talking about Satan's intention to do so to people's truest treasures, their loved ones. It was Satan, not God, who took away the lives of these sons. That's why it's imperative for us to place ourselves under God's divine protection. It's imperative for us to have it settled in our hearts that God is our shield from every evil, including war, sickness, tragedy and every other evil you can name, because we are in Jesus who is the Name above every other name.

I can tell you truthfully that for many years I saw this disconnect between the Bible and life (and sometimes even a disconnect in the Bible itself). I looked at Jesus healing the blind and then would see a blind man. I would stand deeply moved but unable to do anything. Because I was confused. I didn't know for sure what God's will was. Or I would see the news of violence and disasters...  In this too I would be confused. "Did God do that? Why would He do that? etc. If He is in control why didn't He do something?" 

But He did do something! He sent us His Son to take all that evil and it was put on Him so we would be healed, protected and live lives that mattered. Really, the one thing He did to protect, heal and prosper you is in the death, sacrifice and resurrection of His Beloved, One and Only Son, Jesus Christ.

Whether it's stories of young, promising souls dying in the prime of their lives or tales of greater proportions, they have one purpose: to bring fear and doubt in our hearts. They confuse us for so many reasons. The question you can answer today, is do I want to stand fast in believing that I am healed by Jesus stripes? Do I refuse to accept sickness as my portion? Do I choose to rest in the shadow of God's wings (Ps 91:1,2)? Do I choose to depend on God to protect me knowing He is my shield and that He wills to protect me?

This is a tough thing to say, but it must be said; God's people are being devoured by Satan because they don't know what Jesus has already done for them. They don't know their inheritance in Christ. They're not awake to who they really are, sons and daughters, kings and queens of God, a royal priesthood with far greater power in them than they can imagine (please see Eph 1:15-23). As for me and my house... I know who I will trust. That's the only question for you today... 

"What am I going to believe for me and my house?"


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