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3 Ways to Breed the Beggar's Mindset; You're called to be Above, not Below!

The other day I passed by a young man sitting on the floor with an empty cup in his hand. He was not shabbily dressed nor was he particularly unkempt. His only visible attribute was that he seemed to have a slightly deformed (or perhaps injured) nose. In fact, as the days passed I saw more of him. Once I even saw him walking from his home to where he sits silently, his face to the ground, hoping for the penny or two. I didn't say anything to him, but this guy believes he is a beggar and needs the money from the good will of others. He believes a lie.

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Many believers in Christ are like this young man. They live as if they are below, when they are really above. They are ignorant of who they are in Christ and choose to believe the lie that they need help, from here and there. They never look up because they think that their portion in life is to be below, not above. 

1) The Spiritual Beggar

There are some who don't know their True Shepherd. They call themselves Christians, believe in the right doctrines, but like sheep, they do, think and say everything their leaders tell them to. If the pastor talks about sin, they think about sin. If the pastor speaks about the Scriptures, they read more of the Bible. If the pastor speaks about the Spirit, they start to talk about Him. It's not wrong to rejoice in the forgiveness of your sins, to discover the delights of the Scriptures, or to seek the counsel, wisdom, love and power of the Spirit in you. And it's great to have people teaching the church the beauty of the gospel. 

But these well meaning children of God have become dependent on man for food. They go to church because they need to go - otherwise, they think they will be spiritual hungry and their spiritual lives will thus suffer. They have relegated themselves to the position of a spiritual beggar! 

They do not know that they are a royal priesthood (1 Pet 2:9), endowed with the glory of Jesus (John 17:22) and are the very fullness of God (Eph 1:23). They hunger because they do not feed from their true Shepherd, they do not eat the Bread of Life, they do not hear His voice, calling them each by Name. 

Want to be a man and woman of God? Mature, strong, full of life and blessing, wisdom and counsel, love and joy? Then learn the secret of the spiritually mature. They are used to the word of righteousness (Heb 5:13)! 

2) The Working Beggar

Another day at work. Your boss and colleagues, roll their eyes as you pass by. What will you ask from them today, they wonder? What problems will you go to them for more help? 

Few believers realize that the Holy Spirit is there teach them all things. They go to work and must be told what to do. Otherwise they can not function. They never dream of doing something better, more rewarding, and ever more joyful. They think this is their lot. When the Bible says you are called to be above and not below, it means you are clothed with dignity, and have no need to grovel and politely keeping asking for help for the 100th time! You have the mind of Christ... really, you do. You don't need to be so dependent on anybody for anything, because your Father has blessed you so much with all you truly need and far more.

Some find themselves in menial jobs where they must do what they are told. Joseph found himself as slave... yet he became the chief slave. He then found himself in prison (not much of an improvement, huh?). But there too he became the man in charge above all prisoners. But from a prison cell, he was promoted to the palace where he became the prime minister of the strongest empire of his time! Hey! You don't have what Joseph did... you have much more! Because Christ has come, full of the Father's Grace and Truth! Willingly He has given you all... even His life!

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3) The Social Beggar

In some places in the world your life is set by the womb you come out of. Your social class, the jobs you can do, the education you can acquire, and the people you can marry are all predetermined. Yet even in the more advanced societies of the world, social classes exist. Unseen walls rise between you and others. And some are born on the wrong side of very real walls! If that's where you were born they teach you that you are destined to destruction.

What, you think Jesus came to make you door mats for the nations to step on, to submit to the oppression of the world and the looks of men? I tell you the truth, these are not feel-good words I have made up. In Christ, you are crowned with Glory, Grace and Honor. (I won't quote Scriptures for my precious, Bible-oriented readers, because the Book is full of that!)

Jesus came to give honor to those mired in the pits of shame. He came to endow with dignity those who can not look one in the eye. He has blessed you with His glory, sent you out as the Father has sent Him, and made you His ambassador. When people see you, they see the very face of your Father in heaven! So why not act like that? 

You shall be above and not below!

"From before you were born to the day you shall come to Me, I have seen you and filled your days with good. Why live in darkness when I decree that light shall always dwell with you. For light shall arise even in the darkness to all those who know Me. And I know you! You are not the sheep of men, your are only My sheep and the sheep of no One else. I call you by your true Name. Listen to Me!

I have hedged you in from behind and in front, I Am your Shield and your Great Reward. Why fear the world and all those in it when I Am with you and have made you, My beloved son, My beloved daughter. In you is ALL My pleasure! You are the jewels of My crown! And like the Arrows of a warrior, so are you to Me.

I shall guide you. Only listen to Me, walk with Me. My children are destined to greater things. They are destined to rise from glory to glory... to glories they can scarcely imagine. I am not speaking of heaven, My dear ones. I speak of your time on earth. Come! Reign in Me. Greater things are coming for you... far greater things."

By David Roiel
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