Friday, May 2, 2014

Want the wisdom of heaven?

God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of... a sound mind. 
2 Tim 1:7

There once was a king, the king of a mighty empire in the cradle of civilization... His name was Nebuchanezzar and he reigned from the ancient city of Bablyon. Heard of him? One day this fellow had a perplexing dream. Never mind what it was about. The decree was set that all the wise men, learned sages from every corner of his vast empire, should give an answer. Yet for all their knowledge not one could explain his simple dream. So in anger, the king ordered them all killed. Did I say he was a kind sort of king? Far from it! But as it so happened, there was one wise man who knew God, a descendant of the fallen kingdom of Judah and his name was Daniel. Daniel walked with God, prayed three times a day and lived righteously. He soon found out about what had transpired in the courts of the king. Fearing for the lives of his companions, himself and the entire league of wise men, this Daniel boldly entered the king's presence and asked for time to understand his dream. That very
night his prayer was answered and he discovered the dream's meaning. In the end this fellow, who sought heaven's wisdom, saved many lives and because of his reliance on God's understanding, was promoted and even worshiped by Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 2).

Daniel didn't have more access to God than you do today. In fact, you not only have Daniel's wisdom, but the very Spirit of Wisdom; the Spirit of God Himself dwells in you.

Can you imagine steering your life by divine counsel? Can you imagine how different your situation would be if you could somehow benefit of this wisdom. Friends, you don' t have to try hard. The world says that by much activity there is reward. Instead, no matter what perplexities you may face today, whether you are trying to figure out how to fix a broken machine at home or make peace between two warring nations, heaven's wisdom rests on you. And let me tell you, your education has nothing to do with wisdom.

When my son was a toddler he didn't like to sleep alone in his bed. Night after night we tried to no avail! He would always cry and struggle at bed time. After a few nights of this, at our wits' end, it suddenly dawned on me, "I will ask Father." Not a second passed after I took a moment to ask the Spirit for guidance, did I receive a brilliant idea. I went to his room and did as God instructed me, grabbed his teddy bears and put the lot of them in his crib. He happily went to bed and we didn't hear a whimper from him. Another milestone was reached with minimal effort!

Today, just ask the Spirit for wisdom. You can do so for any situation because God cares for your major and minutes cares, alike.  You are just like Jesus... endowed with heavenly wisdom far greater than all those around you. He has become your wisdom and has given you a sound mind... His mind! It's time we used it.

By David Roiel
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