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The Secret of Success... God's style!

Success! What is it? Does it mean having a good career, lots of cash or being famous? Perhaps to many it does. However, success, God's way, is far more than just a few petty improvements in your life.

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You've heard the story of Joseph. How he was betrayed and sold into his slavery by his ten half brothers; how he was promoted as the chief servant in his master's house and then falsely accused; how he was then sent to prison where soon after he was put in charge of all his fellow prisoners and finally, how in one day he was catapulted from his cell and put in charge of all the great and mighty empire of Ancient Egypt. So, what was the secret to his success?

When Joseph was a slave, he worked like a king. Not arrogantly, but with genuine care he tended well to all tasks he was put in charge.

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When Joseph was a prisoner, he worked like a freeman. With dignity and joy, hope and peace of mind, he lived out his days in his dark dungeon as if the sun always shone in his heart.

When Joseph became the Prime Minister of one of the ancient world's mightiest and largest empires, he served as a loving father, saving not only a nation of multitudes, but his own father's house - even the brothers who had cruelly condemned him to a sentence worse than death.

That's not all... perhaps the greatest, but least spoken of, success story of Joseph was his family. He married a beautiful wife who mothered two of his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. In a time where wholesome homes were extremely rare, his home stands quietly apart. Joseph's father, Jacob, had 12 boys mothered by four women, two of whom were his wives, and only one whom he loved... that's not exactly a 'wholesome' home. Each of Jacob's sons became the ancestor of a tribe... except for Joseph. Joseph's two sons prospered so greatly that each of them became the patriarch of a half-tribe. So large were these 'half-tribes' that each were treated like a full tribe. In other words, Joseph had a double portion of blessings! And he made sure to pass it on to his sons.

So what was it that made Joseph work, live and serve like this? The answer is found in the story of Joseph. In his darkest hours these two verses stand out;

"The LORD was with Joseph, and he was a successful man..." Gen 39:2,21

This truth had to be something that Joseph told his sons. It couldn't have come from anywhere else. It's a truth he wanted them to know... and today it falls to you. 

Let this fact, that the Lord is always with you and for you, be ever imprinted in your heart and mind. It doesn't have to be something  you think about all the time... rather, make it a constant truth seared into your subconscious. Let an awareness of God's supreme and ever flowing love and favor be yours and you will find this success. 

You will find that you will become, not just blessed, but so blessed so as to be a blessing. This is Joseph's secret of success. Make it yours... you were born to thrive!

Yours in Christ,

By David Roiel
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