Monday, July 7, 2014

When death eaters are exalted and the peacemakers hunted

It's ironic. But in the land of Israel, the land of prophets, the land of Jesus, and the land of promise, those that cry peace are leftists. I shouldn't be surprised: the political right is usually steeped into the spirit of religion (so-called holy wars) and law (the ministry of death). But what startles me is how many who are of the Spirit of Christ, talk, think and walk like the world, believing it's lies; lies that are obviously and diametrically opposed to all that Christ taught! This is true all over the world, not just in the Middle East - it's in the United States and Europe, in Thailand and Ukraine, in Iraq and Syria, and so forth.

This is a lament. A lament meant as a wake up call to the body of Christ, to wake up to the reality of who they are in Christ as His ambassadors, as His peacemakers, as the very aroma of the Son of God in the world and the salt of the earth. This isn't a phenomenon that is native to Israel - it is spreading in every area of the Middle East and beyond; and yet strangely enough, Jerusalem truly seems to be the center of these plans. 

The Middle East is about to face cataclysmic changes... I am not talking about borders changing. I am talking  about up a swelling tide, a flood rising, the fruits of death maturing and ripening by the sowing of such bad seed decades ago. Rebellions meant to bring freedom have only bought lawlessness and destruction. The love of many has grown cold and those that kill children think they serve God. Didn't Jesus talk about these things? Yet I dare to hope otherwise!

Today, I see something very foreboding for Israel in particular... I don't care that those who do not believe in Jesus are blind to it; but how is that those who have His Spirit are? Do they not see that their country is running down the path of hell? Have they become so dull as to understand what the fruit of their actions will be? The Holocaust - a word that means sacrifice - was indeed, a sacrifice, but not to God! Can you figure out who? I sense the Holocaust didn't just kill 6 million Jews; it killed millions more by infecting the surviving generations with fear, hate, vengeance and rage. 

When the Church is blind, it becomes weak and powerless.
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"I create the fruit of the lips: Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near," Says Yahowa "And I will heal him." Isa 57:19

O Jacob, Jacob - Israel! To do this day you struggle with God and deceive your people! You escape the pit but come out only to dig a bigger one? Where are your Sons of God? Where is the Body of Christ of Israel? Have they all melted into one side or another of these raging wars? Have they forgotten that they are above and not below, the very Light of God in the darkness of calamity?

If you want to understand the truth about these conflicts, read this post - the reality of the world is that demonic powers stir up the peoples to wage war with each other - that's why the followers of Jesus Christ must be sober and awake. All these nations are raging, they are plotting, colluding and... I am sounding, weirdly enough, apocalyptic (Ps 2). But that's besides the point and not my style. 

You have to be blind to think that these are wars of good vs evil. These conflicts have deep roots, built and fed upon evil generations of injustice and oppression, reactions and counter-reactions. 

We are above the fray. In fact, we are called a Royal Priesthood... let me ask you, what are priests in the Biblical sense? They are those who intercede, who sway and influence God on behalf of their people. Yes! That is who we are! We can represent the tribes, nations, tongues and peoples that we come from, in Christ. Amazing! Yet how few in His body are aware of this?

We can not stand idly by nor can we be swept into the same stances of our fellow kinsmen, adopting their line, their stories and their worldview... we are in the world, but not of it. I am not a pacifist - the body of Christ is promised that no weapons shall prosper against them and it is also endowed with mighty spiritual weapons. And we have yet to understand their power in the natural, seen realm of the world. 

It's high time we used them. 

To all those with the Spirit of Christ, Peace be to you and Grace be multiplied to you. You are strong in Him. Jesus said that when these things start happening, lift up your heads - don't look down meekly - but lift up your heads, for the time is near, and it is well with you. It is not your doom that comes. You are crowned with Glory and Grace, Honor and Righteousness. Know who you are - God hears you!

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