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The truth about the Israeli-Palestinian war... and what the sons of God are called to do.

This is a post I almost vowed to never write. Yet I am moved now to break the silence. You are not likely to hear something you already have heard before over here. And I dare say, this post may actually be very different from what you expect. Are you ready?

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I am not going to defend a side here. I am in the world but not of it... and I'll venture to guess that so are you. That's why I have a great disdain for entering into vain arguments about who, what, where and when.

If you can't see today, who the David and Goliath is in these conflicts, if you can't see the massive imprisonment, oppression, exodus of people from their homes and destruction of a nation here, or how genocide has twisted nations to unthinkable blindness, then really this post isn't for you. You have the Spirit of God living in you? Then He can tell you all you want to hear about the Truth... but please don't be deceived by the popular arguments moving powerfully in churches today; the Spirit of Christ will never encourage killing, stealing and destroying... Jesus said those are the works of the devil and those who speak his lies are his sons (see John 10:10, John 8:44). We on the other hand, are the blessed peacemakers.

Of late I have seen very dark things concerning the region, in particular the conflict raging in the so-called Holy Land. And that's really unlike me if your familiar with my writings. I tell you with utmost gravity that if the seeds of bigotry, ignorance and hate that are being sowed today result in what you see now in the news how much worse will it be when those seeds bear fruit? What great destruction will be wrought on the sowers of such things?

Have you read the book of Daniel? There is written there just enough to be aware of this great evil but at the same time not so much so as to become obsessed by these things as many are today. You know what it says? It says that satanic powers are divided into regions and principalities. These leaders of evil, called 'princes', are on the same side of a cosmic war against Jesus and His holy ones. Though they belong to the dominion of darkness, they move those under their influence (nations, societies, cities, empires, etc) to wage war against each other. In so doing, they bring the fruits of death that hell delights to feed on upon the sons of men. Maybe it's time we rethought how we look at wars, huh?

What you are seeing today is not some kind of biblical battle; it is a satanic war, wrought on by the above said powers. It's design is to make the Beautiful Land, a country of misery and macabre doings; satan seeks to discredit Jesus and His work on the cross. The same voices that called out to him, shout loud and clear to the children of heaven, "If you are sons and daughters of God, save yourselves. Where is your 'Savior'?" he sarcastically calls out. You want to see what's the real reason behind this conflict? Take a look at this very powerful video I stumbled across not long ago. Click here to see it. 

Did you see how it ended? "This land is mine!" he cries out. Let me tell you, you who are in Christ, you have authority over that devil. You do! And when the sons and daughters of God who are in and from the Land I am speaking of rise and activate their calling as peacemakers, in their identity of the Royal Priesthood of Christ, great and awesome things can happen!

I have a deep suspicion of 'end-times' teachings and theology. For years churchianity has been fed a steady diet of how terrible and dark it will be and how your just a helpless, poor bystander who can only pray meekly that if possible you can endure and survive it. That is nonsense! That is a teaching straight from hell because it makes the children of God accept the curse of this world when Jesus bore it on His body once and for all on the cross; it's a dishonor to the work of Christ because it makes His sons and daughters feel like they can do nothing when they can do everything! 

These are not my words. Jesus said we would do what He did and even greater things. He gave us the keys of heaven and earth, told us that what we bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what we loose on earth is loosed in heaven too... do you understand the power in you?

And do you now understand what you can do?

I long for the day when the holy ones will shine out brightly, like strong stars in the night sky illuminating the world. I long for the day when they will reign and bring peace, healing, justice, joy and life in the lands and to the peoples who have only known hate, fear, and death... Hasten the coming of that day... It is coming soon. So be it.

Grace, Peace and Wisdom be yours in abundance.

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