Friday, March 2, 2018

Unlocking the Power of the Forgotten Prayer: Your Kingdom Come

Somehow we have forgotten the Most Important Prayer in the Scripture; the Prayer that Our Beloved Jesus, Yeshua, the Lord and Savior of all the world, taught us to pray. This prayer was hijacked by those who have you repeat it mindlessly countless times. On the other hand, there are those who would have you think it is outdated, as an "Old Covenant" prayer, yet this is because we misunderstand the prayer. I think this has made the weight of it's words, and the power of what Jesus was teaching through it, ever so powerless... but only in those who conform their thinking to the spirit of religion and ways of the world.

Within this prayer, is a force of God, powerful, illuminating, wonderful and saturated with abundant life. This is the Prayer that is so close to Jesus' heart. It's in fact, one of the most useful templates that you can use to pray in any occasion. This should be your reflex prayer anytime, all the time.

Why? Because it recenters, realigns and reforms your heart in an instant. For example, one of the greatest things it does as you pray, is to help you realize your need to remove unforgiveness in your heart - do NOT neglect to very intentionally stop holding back your forgiveness to those who have hurt you. Unforgiveness can become like those musty, useless, trinkets we keep around our houses just because we can't find the will to throw away. But if you are not careful, unforgiveness will grow in your heart till it consumes it and works great evil from within. Don't let that root grow, you can cut it off anytime! That's why you should pray the Lord's prayer and as you do, deal with that unforgiveness it brings up. He said this to give you life, to make sure you lived in the Abundant Life... I know you want this, otherwise you wouldn't be wasting your time with this blog!

But apart from that there are truths here that are beyond the scope of a few words to say. I want to focus on the second line "Your Kingdom Come".

I have found that Jesus considered two general areas of Scripture Teaching in extremely high regard. In fact He called them TREASURES (Mat 13:52)!

1) The Teachings of the Old Testament (Tanakh) 

These reveal the heart of God and Jesus Himself in every way, in every commandment, in the stories, the Names, in the ordinances. If the OT is obscure, there is only One whom you must go to, so that you SEE JESUS in its every page - the Holy Spirit who teaches you all things.

2) The Kingdom of Heaven

The second Treasure Jesus spoke of is the Kingdom of God! Friends, this is one of the most neglected teachings of Christ in the Bible. Do you understand the Kingdom? 

Jesus spoke about this subject perhaps more than anything else! It was the first thing He spoke from His mouth as He began to preach. It is in fact the heart of the Lord's prayer, the way He taught us to pray. And it is also what was supremely on His mind, even as He went to His death.

In the early days after His Resurrection, His beloved Jewish disciples, still unclothed with the Power of the Spirit from on high, asked Him when He would "restore the Kingdom to Israel" (Acts 1:6). He brushed aside their ignorance gently and told them what to focus on. He was correcting their view, despite the fact they had heard so much about it.

What I find strange in the New Testament, is that while their are 120 references to the "Kingdom" in the Gospels, there are only 34 references elsewhere in the New Testament. To me, this shows us one of the ways we need to go back and learn this Kingdom from the words of Jesus and with His Spirit teaching us all anew.

The Kingdom is for Today not Someday

If you notice, Jesus taught us to pray for the Kingdom to advance, to come, to be manifest here on Earth. This is very strange and interesting. He is not speaking about Heaven or a life that we will experience, Someday in Eternity. He is speaking about something to look intently forward to, today, now, in your life. 

What I'm saying is this is a NOW prayer. We look to the future too much. Even the prophetic words we hear (if you are around such people or read/listen to prophetic ministries), they are so much focused on Someday because they are molded to the model of OT prophets. OT prophets looked to the future because Jesus the Messiah was yet to come; but now that He has already arrived and offered Himself as a Sacrifice and Lives Eternally having conquered Death, friends... the Prophetic Anointing of today is for NOW. And so likewise, this prayer is for now. 

"Your Kingdom Come"... not tomorrow, not after tomorrow, just let it come and advance right away! Amen.

Seek the Kingdom First if you want more Life

The Kingdom is in fact, that which Jesus taught us to SEEK FIRST, to seek it above every human consideration, from the daily and mundane affairs of life, to the greater and higher endeavors given to us. And in this prayer, He specifically tells us to PRAY, to ask, to seek a greater manifestation of it by the hand of our Father. 

Why does He want us to be so focused on His Kingdom? Because it REVITALIZES our entire life, it causes everything to work out well; somehow God's ways are made manifest in our life as we seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness (not our righteousness) FIRST!
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.  Mat 6:33

How much of the Kingdom do you want?

I believe God wants to ask you this today. How much of the Kingdom do you want? What do you answer?

"Give me enough of your Kingdom, but not too much! Cuz I don't want to become like John the Baptist, living in the desert wearing weird clothes, eating locusts!"

Friends, the Kingdom of God is a matter of Righteousness, Joy and Peace. It is a matter of the Authority and Reign of Christ... when Jesus exercized His Power on a person, what was the result?

Healing, restoration, resurrections, mercy, freedom, protection, abundant blessings! In a word, LIFE! That's what happens when the Reign of Jesus is manifested in you... you get more LIFE. And yet, we are afraid because we think God will take away our lives and make us miserable. Jesus was always intently interested on revealing that God's utmost desire for us, is to have life (John 10:10). 

The Kingdom of Heaven can be manifest in degrees

This prayer Jesus taught us, "Your Kingdom Come" says so much. It says, that the Kingdom of God can be present in your life in degrees. Some one can be a child of God and have so little manifestation of the Authority and Reign and Kingdom (all synonyms) of Jesus. While others are abounding and over abounding and increasing greatly their manifestation of the Kingdom. 

Why do some experience more of the Kingdom? Because some seek His Kingdom first and others only second, third and fourth or even way down there. Others who love Jesus, just don't even realize the primacy of this spiritual discipline. 

Friends, I was like those who had so little manifestation only a few months ago. I found myself so taken by the world and love of money, until I had a dream where Jesus appeared to me and woke me from my slumber. If you feel that you have little of the Kingdom, you need to see this post right now, Jesus's words were so powerful. That was only a little over a month ago, and suddenly I am experiencing Resurrection in my life and in every area of it... Not least of all, spiritually!)

I want you to have this experience too and if you want more of His Kingdom, just go to the Lord, keep asking!

1) Repent of your self-sufficiency and of putting His Kingdom anything but First. 

2) Invite the Holy Spirit to teach you His ways, straight from the source. This will revolutionize your life.

4) Pray His Kingdom Come and keep Praying.

Our Heavenly Father, Exalted be Your Name!Your Kingdom Come powerfully in my life and the world!Let your will be done HERE on Earth, just as it has always been done in Heaven.Give us this day our everyday bread and provision. You know our needs, we thank You for this eternal flow of provision.And let your mercy flow in us, just as we allow Your mercy to forgive others (help us Lord in this).Deliver us from trials and evil of every kind.For YOURS is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever! Amen.

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