Friday, February 2, 2018

Prophetic stirrings - how to handle the foreboding hints of things to come

These days I have been having a very strong spiritual awakening. I sincerely feel that God wants us to be prepared for what is to come. I don't say this in any negative way, this is not a warning, but rather I feel God is moving and wants to work even more closely with and through His children to manifest His Kingdom and Power and Love like it has never been done before. This is certainly good news to every son and daughter of Christ.

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What has really tipped it over the top for me, was a dream I had where Jesus appeared to me. (You can read about it here). Though this dream was an answer to prayer it has propelled me even further into being single-minded, and entirely focused on His Kingdom and Righteousness. God is no respecter of persons and we live in an age where His Spirit is flowing so freely unto the sons of men and daughters of Eve, who are in Christ. Even among those who do not know Jesus yet, His Spirit is working mightily to make Him Known and Reveal His Name and Appear to them in Visions and Dreams.

Many today, both in the world and among God's children, have a tendency to display themselves for people to admire them. Leaders are no longer shy to draw attention to themselves and say "Hey, Look at ME! Look at how strong I am. Look at what I have done and can do and will do. Look at how beautiful I am. Look how wise and intelligent I am. Look at me and talk about me and let your lives revolve around me." We see this attitude in politics and celebrities - is that sad? sure, but how much worse when we see it in the church, in pastors, and even in nobody's who fantasize about this type of glory.

But God is no respecter of Persons. He is so ready to make even the least in His Kingdom, the Greatest. He pours out His Holy Spirit upon ALL of His Children, to all who are willing, without reservation of any kind. 

And that is Good News, because in the days to come, I believe we may be ushering in something dramatic, fresh and powerful. I think we are about to enter an age where the Kingdom of Heaven and God will be manifested powerfully among the saints, where from the least to the greatest, many signs and wonders and healings and wisdom will gush forth. I have written a lot about Israel too and though most of what you hear maybe on the negative side of things, the positive is that God is stirring very strongly among the Jews. I think a huge number of them are going to be recognizing that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Anointed One, the Messiah and the King of Israel - this will lead to a repentance on a national scale as they embrace the New Covenant and understand fully the Finished Work of Jesus on the Cross (many in the church really need this too). When then this happens it will be very beautiful, very powerful.

So sure, in these times many speak these so called buzzwords (which I really think are the Baalzebul's words if you know what I mean) like the so-called Rapture, Wars, the Anti-Christ... and sure, God didn't leave those words of warning in the Bible for no reason;we do need to be aware and watch but in no way, obsessed, alarmed, sad, angry or panicked about it. Instead, we need to be lifting our heads high with eager expectation of good things to come because that is who God is... He is a Sun and Shield and He is pouring out His Grace and Glory on us and He will not keep anything Good from us at all. How blessed are they who trust in Him! (see Ps 84). 

Blessings to you all.

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