Israel and Prophecy

All I have written on this decisive subject is written with the sincere hope and desire and passion that all the peoples of my land - Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Druze, Arab, Kurd, Armenian, Turkish, Persian and on and on (and indeed, the whole world) would find the love, peace and grace in the face of the Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth. All humanity has fallen short of God but He sent His Son Jesus and paid the price of our shortcomings and has done so even before we were created. And truly knowing this is the ONLY way and hope for real peace to exist not just here or there, but also in your heart.

Here is my take on the Middle East conflict and how I believe the Church can enlighten the thick spiritual darkness covering these lands.

Could this be an accurate depiction of the Bride of Christ? Armed and able to hold out justice, but blind.
This Biblically-rooted, soundly scientific and historical narrative might just change the Middle East.

A harrowing warning Albert Einstein delivered about Israel and Peace in the Middle East way back in 1938

A war that started in the womb - Israel and Palestine; Esau and Jacob still wage war 3000 years on and this is what it means to us

Setting the Record Straight: Is Jesus Pro-Palestinian or Pro-Israeli?

How religious leaders use the Bible to rob you of your Direct Connection to God

Could Israel's Enemies be Really One with Israel???

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Did Jesus really say we didn't need to follow the Torah?

Ezekiel's Vision: Is this ancient and obscure prophecy about war on Israel about to be fulfilled?

The Ancient Mystery of The Fullness of the Nations and Salvation of the Israel

If you truly love Israel, then you will be truthful to her.

What real Christians should think about Trump, Israel and Islam in a nutshell

How God's children hold the keys of peace in the Middle East and beyond

The truth behind the Israeli-Palestinian war and what the sons of God are called to do

When death eaters are exalted and peacemakers hunted

Four reasons why today's Israel is falsely identified with prophecy and what it really means for you

Why the Messianization of Christianity will waste your life

How born again Christians can wish Merry Christmas to Israel

Three ways to change the world without being a fighter, politician or activist!

The days of the Royal Priesthood are at hand... your days!

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