Thursday, February 22, 2018

Armor of God: The Shield of Faith is about firmly knowing and absorbing God's Word

But not all of them welcomed the good news. For Isaiah says, “Lord, who has believed our message?” Consequently, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. Rom 10:16,17 

Do you welcome the good news? Do you know that how you welcome the word of God determines the quality of your walk on earth? It is in fact the precedent for faith, for a relationship of trust in the Most High.

If when you hear the word of God only incredulity comes and you dismiss it as nonsense, the word becomes inept - not in itself, but only in your heart. Thus the word of God could give you life, but if you can not listen to the witness of the Spirit telling you it is true and then yield to this knowledge... you forfeit the good He has for you. It doesn't matter what religion you come from when I say this, it is true for all humans.

This is why the first thing Jesus (and also John the Baptist) said about the Kingdom of Heaven was the need to repent - which in plain speak, means to change your heart and mind, to let go of your self-sufficiency.

Now when you do receive His word - God is so good, if you even want to believe it but feel you can not, He is always ready to provide you with faith! And when you do receive it, you then plant that seed of faith. It may be tiny like mustard seeds (think poppy seeds since I can't remember when I saw mustard seeds for real). They are tiny. But they can grow into massive trees that will eventually even break sidewalks and asphalt roads through their roots and provide a resting place for many birds and homes for squirrels and shade for children to play under and sweet sleep to those who slumber to the sounds of its singing leaves.

So what is then the Shield of Faith? It is precisely built and made by the Word of God dwelling in you. The Shield of Faith is made not from metal and iron but from the Wood of the Trees of Faith you have planted in your life. It is One with the Wood of the Cross, for without Jesus Crucified, there is nothing. 

You wield the Shield of Faith only by Feasting on God's Word. You wield the Shield of Faith when you think and behave and, very importantly, RELAX as if God's Word is True; as if His Promises are Always Yes in Christ. Many people are taking the Good News and instead of Focusing on Jesus and His Kingdom and Righteousness, they only start focusing on the blessings. Don't do this mistake because it nullifies His power and His presence in your life. I only say that because I've truly been there, done that.

So today do not be afraid. Enrich your mind daily with God's Word, keep it brisk and fresh in your spirit, speak His word, sing His word, share His word and pray His word! This is how you wield the all-important shield of faith.

It's also how Jesus resisted the devil. Are you imitating Him?

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