Monday, July 21, 2014

How the bloodiest vision can give you endless comfort and soaring strength - the vision of the Cross

One afternoon, I laid down on the grass beneath a tree. The gentle summer breeze swayed the green leaves all around into a symphony of rest joining the chorus of birds and the calming sound of a little stream gurgling gaily nearby. I looked at the sun, veiled by the verdant foliage of that tree; it's light was dancing.

Then suddenly, in my mind, I began to see Jesus on the cross. The juxtaposition of the scene I just described on the one hand and the vision of the cross on the other was staggering. Light was intermingled with darkness, peace with war, blessedness with cursing and life with death. What was I looking at?

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His body was torn, emptied of life. His regal head bowed, crowned with our shame, guilt and every curse of the land. I was drawn to Him so I approached; was I crawling? - I don't know, but somehow I found myself with my head a few inches from the base of the tree trunk that made this cross. It was rough, dark and completely soaked with blood that had flowed crimson red from the Lamb's heart and open wounds, yet now had become a deathly, black muck.

I was having a rough day. And yet this seemingly gruesome image was strangely comforting... and as I looked on I found an answer to every negative thing in my life. Look and see for yourself... Do you see Him?

Every curse and problem you may have - be it financial or familial, severe or slight - was put on Christ that day so you can walk blessed and victorious today.

Every sickness and illness plaguing your life and house, was consumed in the body of Jesus that you and your house would be healthy and whole.

All your shame and guilt that is yours because of what you did or who you are was buried deep within in His wounded heart - and now you are crowned with His glory and grace, made righteous and holy forevermore because of what He did and makes you now.

All your wasted years devoured by wastefulness and foolishness was remade that timeless day for He has promised to make your future bright, full of light, and years of life.

Your weakness was made His, that His strength could be yours without limit.

And every regret you have, because of the cross He now will make it all work for good.

The cross was designed as an instrument of death and pain, and made a sign of law and tyranny. But when Jesus willingly surrendered His life on that one dead tree, He forever turned it into a reminder of the Life and Blessing that are ours in Him, an everlasting monument of how He fully redeemed us from the law and made us righteous to reign.

The Son of God was cast out of heaven that day. But an entire throng of countless souls were eternally bought to the Father's side, not as servants or slaves but as sons and daughters of the Almighty! Behold, Jesus, our Brother, King and Lord, crucified for you, and His bride made ready and new. Don't move another second without seeing this today. Set the cross before you that you may truly see. Jesus is on it no more... He is right by your side, beckoning you... 

"Come up here! Walk with Me, walk into your calling... as My friend, My child, My beloved. For I desire great and good things for you... and together, greater things are coming still!"

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This post was originally published on 4/4/2014

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