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The Ancient Mystery of The Fullness of the Nations and Salvation of Israel

Maybe its because I think my people are actually descendants of Jews (they are Christians of the East). Maybe its because I have always found something so mystical, mysterious and irresistible about Israel - it officially being an enemy country of my own nation. Or maybe its something deeper that draws me to this subject... but we all have to admit, Israel is increasingly coming in unto the world's center stage, whether you know the Bible or not, believe in God, the Bible, the Torah, the Qu'ran or whatever. The world is disproportionately focused on the Land - HaEretz Yisrael as its called in the Scriptures. Why is that?

Uncanny resemblance to my Great Grandfather who was a Christian Priest!
Courtesy of Josh Appel 
And I have to say - I think the people of the State of Israel have never been so productive, strong and innovative and yet they are also rapidly becoming a monster of some sort (more on my thoughts about that here).

In all this - there is good news. Firstly, the Jewish believers in Jesus have grown and matured and are becoming more confident. So many of them understand the mystery of the gospel - that is, in Yeshua, in Jesus Christ, the Messiah, both the "Jew" and non-Jewish "Gentile" are grafted by faith in the holy nation of Israel. We who are in the Annointed One as we trust in Him, share in the glorious inheritance of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Together, as One, is God's Holy Plan revealed to the world.

We are now a picture of the Mennorah of old... branches of the same vine, of the same tree held fast as we both abide in Jesus and trust and believe and worship our Father in Spirit and Truth. There is no more distinction - a difference of background, certainly, but a unity in identity and spiritual blood. This is something very deep, old and beautiful to meditate on and maybe only in this generation has it become so evident having reached such a level that I think surpasses the days of the early church 2000 or so years ago.

And though there is a growing chasm between the Yehudim (Jews) of Israel and America, I believe deep inside and despite a lot of pride, they know more than ever that God has a plan for them. They still remember the horror of the Holocaust even as they live and thrive in the US, Israel and other Western nations, they still fear so-called Anti-Semitism. On the other hand, they also see the Middle East boiling with ever stronger and and ever more determined powers. They themselves have long abandoned a path to peace and yet in a zombie-like state of denial, they still march on to a ghastly alternative.

I am not here to pronounce doom on any one here. I love the Jewish People and the Muslims Peoples - indeed, it is our Jesus who loves them fore-mostly. Rather, I believe something awesome MIGHT be about to happen. It is what Paul referred to as the "fullness of the Nations"and the great return of the Jewish and Israelite people to faith in God's Anointed, the Prince of Peace Himself - Yeshua (by the way, all Jews are Israelite but there are many Israelites who are not Jewish at all and they have yet to be revealed - I think some of them are actually warring the State of Israel but this is another story for another day).

And here's why this is SO exciting. Paul says that when the Jews - the guardians of the Bible or at least the Old Covenant part of it as we call it - as a nation rejected Jesus as their Messiah (many Christians of the East are mostly of Jewish ancestry, you know, and of course as Paul says, the first Christians were almost entirely Jewish all across the Mediterranean!), so when they - the Jews - rejected Jesus in this way, caveats and all, he says this actually paved the way for the Nations of the earth to receive the Jewish/Israelite Messiah as their Lord, King and Savior - He calls this the "Reconciliation of the World"! If the rejection of Jesus by the Yehudim resulted in such a magnificent fulfillment of God's Promise to Abraham "In you all families of the earth shall be blessed" then Paul goes on, what is their turning to Christ going to lead to?

Nothing but LIFE from the DEAD.... of the WORLD. Think on this a second. They reject their Mashiakh (Christ) and the Gospel spreads like wildfire for 2000 years across the globe. Their Book is translated into over 200 languages and there is not a people or tribe or clan where there is not a living, breathing Body of Christ or church. And now though, now is the time for the Children of Israel to return and to begin to turn to Yeshua their King en masse!

So in case I'm not clear, this is so exciting BECAUSE something will happen to our world, a kind of renewal just as Jesus says in Revelations "Behold, I am making all things new!". This is going to be a massive renewal of the world, the earth or something like that. Who knows, maybe it means a supernatural healing of our world, a transformation of the earth as the Sons of God are all revealed. I really have no idea. But I have a feeling it is coming.

And this means that we continue to be sober in Christ, Mind-Renewed, Praising Him, Basking in the Sunshine of God's Love, all the more. I'm very much aware that people tend to gravitate to negative prophecies... the Rapture, the Desolation, the Destruction, Armageddon and so on. Maybe to some this will be disastrous, I do not know - but I do know, we are God's Children and we are not going to be tossed around in chaos and destruction; that is the domain of Satan and we are firmly in God's Kingdom of Light, blessed by our Father, Protected by Angels, He Himself our Shield.

O that Israel and all her peoples, Jewish and non-Jewish and all the Middle East too, Egypt and Turkey, Lebanon and Syria and Jordan and Iraq, the Palestinians scattered everywhere, the Arabians and Iranians, Yemen and Sudan, Shi'ites and Sunnis alike... let them all come to see the Exalted One - the One whose Name is above Every Name... Yeshua, the Lamb of God who has taken away all the sins of the world. Let it be as you said Lord - making all things news! Your kingdom come, Amen and Amen! Maranatta!

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