Friday, December 1, 2017

Do angels need our help to do God's will?

I recently have been looking at some fascinating videos, many of whom I think are authentic. They show angels (identified as UFO's) and perhaps other things that may not be angels. These videos are found on NASA and ISS (International Space Station) feeds and photos, but whether they are real or not is besides the point because biblicaly speaking, and if you're reading this I assume you believe the Bible, angelic beings abound and exist to do the bidding of God.

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They protect His people, fight evil spiritual powers in the skies and glorify God. They announce things of heaven, watch over the people's and come to our aid often. Some have six wings and others multiple faces and some appear as normal humans. Its a fascinating subject and everything I've said up here is really based on Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments alike.

Now watching videos about angels and hearing also testimonies about people caught up to heaven or who've encountered heaven has woken me up (after a long slumber) that there really is a spiritual reality with lots of action happening all around us. Once not too long ago supernatural things abounded in my life. It was a season and I am still wondering how and when such things will continue and bring more glory and honor to Jesus' Name.

And I as continued meditating on these things Daniel came to mind. And so when I read Daniel 10 I was struck by something I had not really internalized or understood before. Daniel wanted to know God's truth deeper for the sake of His people and even the world. He prayed and fasted for three weeks and that's when an angel comes and tells him he was sent since the moment he prayed(!) but was delayed(!) and then Michael - the Angel guarding Daniel's People - came and rescued this angel from a territorial evil force named the "prince of Persia"! Every ! highlights my amazement. Then after the three weeks, finally the angel appears (all this is relayed to Daniel who was completely awestruck and so terrified that he actually asks the angel to help him handle the whole experience, and the angel obliges of course).

This was no prayer for a trivial favor from God. Daniel was lamenting something, the weight of previous revelations perhaps or simply the heaviness of exile and a great longing for Jerusalem. But I suspect he knew deep inside there was more he had to write for our benefit!

And here's the funny thing... that angel came because of the words of Daniel. This angel was sent across galaxies(?) to deliver a message and he found trouble. And then Michael comes but the whole thing was set off by God sending the angel because of Daniel's prayer. And it seems that Daniel's fasting and praying somehow spurred on the angels to breakthrough the layer of darkness overshadowing the place he was in. (Because of the intense angelic activity recorded in Acts and mentioned elsewhere in the NT, this shows us that we are not talking about something for a different age, but that is very relevant for this time.)

Isn't that telling? Doesn't that encourage you to realize how important a simple prayer can be? We don't pray to be righteous with God or to earn merit points or whatever. We don't even pray to be closer to God since we are close as can be in Christ whether we pray 24/7 or once every ten months. But our prayers change the level of revelation and spiritual awakening we operate in. They change the world around us in powerful ways. And from this passage in Daniel, I'll daresay, our prayers even help angels - our co-laborers - to do the work of our Father and His work is to bring His Kingdom - a matter of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (hmmm... even joy!)

There is such great power in persevering prayer. You are far from a sick loved one, pray and keeping praying. You are in a dangerous situation -- keep praying more. You are facing difficulties and challenges and lack -- come to worship God in prayer and thanksgiving. There is a battle going on and even though we have entered the rest of Christ we fight it both with spiritual weapons (2 Cor 10:4) and with a restful attitude (Mat 11:29).

In a way, we are cheater because we know the end. Victory is guaranteed and yet somehow the Lord made sure to remind us to sober, ready, dressed in the whole armor of God and to pray constantly and in the Spirit.

May the Spirit Himself awaken in you a great desire for His desires - to pray and worship in Spirit and Truth.


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