Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Live out today the Royal Priesthood

Most of us have not yet stepped into the meaning of what it means to be “a royal priesthood” as Peter called us thousands of years ago. In fact we can barely handle that verse, usually preferring to bury ourselves in theological introspection when the subject comes up.

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King-priests ruled the lands that fostered the great ancient civilizations. They were cruel, harsh and far from Christ-like. Human sacrifices were not uncommon. They often controlled everything with an iron fist and city life didn’t exist apart from them. Some were great and their names are still named today while countless others, like the sand of the desert dunes, have simply been swept away in obscurity. How can we relate to such a phenomenon, pagan as it was?

Our standard isn’t the past. It’s Jesus Christ – the One who was, is and is to come. The I AM WHO I AM who brings salvation of every kind to every soul.

Even here I’m tempted to speak theology. I shall refrain.

Every night millions pray “Your Kingdom come”. Scarcely do the words leave their lips –  and even hearts – does the Spirit whisper to their closed ears – “It has already come! And you are that Kingdom!”

Today, don’t doubt your royal priestly calling. It’s as real as can be. It means you can pronounce blessings and they shall come to pass – be it over yourself, family, friends or even the nations. It shall come to pass. Persevere, sleep the night and you shall see, the seeds you planted shall bud, then give fruit but all in time… and yes, sometimes it feels like too much time. So while those blessings ruminate in the soil, absorbing water… enjoy your sleep!

By David Roiel
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