The Secret of the 12 Stones

I once heard a story of an old widow. Ever since her husband died, her savings quickly dried up and she lived in relative poverty. Then one day somebody happened to open her long-unused desk's drawers. In it was a sealed envelope... from her late husband! They opened the envelope and to their surprise, they found her husband's last will and testament leaving her a great amount of assets. This woman was the rightful heir to her husband's wealth, yet she was living like a pauper with her vast wealth sitting idly somewhere, unclaimed!

You're inheritance! Click here or on the pic to read the first few pages!
Do you know why the ancient Israelites spent 40 years in a desert just a stone’s throw away from the promised land? It was simply because they doubted God’s goodness. It was not punishment; so much as it was their own inability to accept the incredibly good news that God was really for them and not their enemy. Today, so many believers in Jesus also refuse to see His unfathomable grace, just like the ancient Israelites. They think that mediocrity, poverty, sickness, troubles and just a plain, regular life are all they can expect on this side of eternity. Like the ancient Israelites, they choose to settle in waterless plains when a lush land lies just across a River.

The New Testament is called what it is because it is just that… a testament. When someone dies, they open their last will and testament and distribute all the belongings of the deceased to those whose names are written in that testament. Well, Jesus died to seal an amazing Testament with His precious blood. That Testament has your name written on it and it says exactly what the will of God is for your life… and you know what? It is so much more awesome that you can ever imagine! This book is just about that. It’s about your inheritance in Christ like you’ve never heard.

Don’t stay on the wrong the side of the river. It’s time you followed Jesus into your promised land, it’s time you discovered your glorious inheritance in Him!

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the book, share it with loved ones and may you never let anyone ever again rob you of your inheritance!

David Roiel
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