Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moving mountains and the meaning of Abracadabra

Mountains. Timeless towers ever watching the world silently, they are the pillars of this world. While most see these giants of the age as immovable, permanent fixtures of the land, Jesus saw them quite differently. He saw them as objects that could be moved with but a word!

There are things in your life today, things that seem ever present and far bigger than you can imagine. There are also thorns and tiny gnats that annoy daily. But whatever size these problems may be, no matter how dark a shadow they cast over you or how they seem to steal your peace, your victory is closer than you think... and it starts in your heart, with what you believe.

Listen to what Jesus said:

"Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." Mark 11:23,24

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Declarations without faith are not entirely powerless. People can mindlessly repeat to themselves various things and see them happen. That's the nature of the world, the nature of man, even the nature of God. He made us in His image and He - the Creator - is all about speaking to bring into being. Remember, "Let there be light"?

But let me show you a better way still. What is in the heart, Jesus said, gushes forth from the mouth. The heart is not just where you have emotions in the Bible - it is where you have faith, thoughts and even wisdom. The heart and the mind are one in the Biblical perspective. And what the heart treasures, believes and is home to, is invariably what will come out in words and actions for all to see. "You shall know a tree by it's fruit."

Understand that mountains can be moved by what you say. And not just the mountains in your lives, but in your lands too! I have seen this happen and I come from the Middle East - yes, we have seen miracles of late. I don't know the full extent of this yet... all I know is that Abracadabra is very, very real, especially for those who are of the royal priesthood of Christ. 

Surprised? I was too when I saw it not long ago on my Facebook newsfeed of all places! Abracadabra - in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, it means - "It happened, as I spoke". (For those of you who know a Semitic language, you can probably and at least partially deduce that for yourselves.)

Don't speak from a position of vain repetition. Understand the will of God for you. His will is made clear to the utmost level by what Jesus did on that bloody cross, crowning the hill of the skull. He did what He did that you would be lifted high, crowned with glory, grace and life and blessed with power, peace, and righteousness.

But if all this declaring stuff is too much for you, Jesus said the something about ask your Father with a believing heart. I love that. The bottom line: mountains move at your will, whether you declare or simply pray.

And yes, it's not just a matter of blabbering your birthday wishes... you need to believe something... not from a doctrinal perspective, but as a revelation in your heart... that something is nothing less than the will of God. If you're unsure about whether sickness, death, misery, and poverty are a curse that God lifted from you and the entire world when Jesus was crucified, you can't speak blessings of health, life, joy and true riches into people's lives, nor yours too.

"Help my unbelief!" said the man who doubted! There is always a solution with Jesus! Look to your mountains this day and do not be afraid. Whether armies threatening to occupy your land lay at your door step or whether you're just fretting about a test at school, rise this day, understand and see with the eyes of your heart what God's will is for you and with boldness declare that God's promises are yours... and in time, maybe not right away (and maybe, but less probably, right away too!) it shall come to pass as you have spoken! So be it!

By David Roiel
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