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Evil's one goal is to make the strong think they're weak.

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The other day my wife and I watched 12 Years a Slave. The movie tells the true story of a free man who was sold into slavery.While I can't exactly say it was entertaining- the movie was full of scenes of torture, tragedy and abuse - it certainly was well done. When you see the depth of darkness that man can attain it creates in you an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Lets face it, there is so much evil in this world - some of you know this more than others. But whether you see it or not, it is there and what far fouler things may happen on this earth I do not know nor do I seek to.

So how do you defeat darkness in your life and the people around you? Do you rise with the winds of the world to change it using it's ways? Sometimes it's fashionable to seek justice and do good, but those who understand God's heart often find themselves alone in defending the defenseless. Imagine, for example, what it must have been like for the first person in the United States who had the brilliant revelation that slavery was sickeningly wrong? It must have cost her or him so much to step out and fight this evil. If there's one thing the our enemy seeks with all his heart, it is to make you think that these things are too big, that evil is too strong, and darkness too black to fight. 

Evil does not exist. That's the big lie man swallowed when Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Evil does not exist! Neither does darkness, for darkness is just the absence of light. Bare with me a second. God is light and there is no darkness at all in Him... none, whatsoever. He is not the author of the horrors that have occurred here since the days of Adam... (If you think the world is more evil today, than before, consider that murder happened only a generation after Adam!).

The moment Adam ate from that tree, he made himself and us all who came after him, awake, not to the light of our Father in heaven, but to good and evil. Suddenly, darkness was given a name. Prior to that, Adam had named the animals and all of God's beautiful creatures - the world's first scientist! Darkness is not. Light is. Instead of fixing his gaze on the Author of Life, Adam caused a consciousness of evil to be born  in our mind.

Now that you know that evil is not a thing, like goodness, righteousness, and justice, that darkness is merely the absence of light, how should we, the sons and daughters of God fight evil? Light a candle in a dark room and suddenly you'll see that light doesn't struggle. It just exists and in doing so darkness is gone. Likewise, the Bible says "Do not be overcome by evil." How can it say that? Jesus - who is the light of the world and the Life - came and shone His light and the darkness could not overcome it! And then He declared that you too are like Him, sons of Light! Paul continues and writes, "...but overcome evil with good." All you got to do is, is do the good that you can do, right now with whatever it is that you have.

Light doesn't struggle. My friends, we need to realize just who we are in Christ. You are not powerless nor insignificant. A king can lay waste an entire country with but an order. Jesus has called us king, not so we could pile up cash and a harem, but so that we can bring the fruits of heaven here on earth with simply a word. When you see evil around you, I encourage you, rise up and speak... speak blessing, righteousness, protection, deliverance... what is it you need? Just declare it. Your words are gold.

Hey, I'll admit it, this is something so fresh to me. I can't wait to see us all shining light like the stars of the night sky, breaking the chains of oppression with the light of Jesus inside us. May God reveal to us and many more things... He has promised us that the gates of Hell itself can not withstand our attacks... it's time to Shine our Light!

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