Saturday, December 2, 2017

If you truly love Israel, then you will be truthful to her.

Some of you who are familiar with me know that Israel, the Jewish People and the Middle East are a dear people to my heart. You also know that I am very often critical of the State of Israel, namely, because of its policies of occupation, apartheid and colonization.

Israelis often wonder why they receive such a huge amount of critical inspection and scrutiny with respect to how long they've been a state and how large they are. To be sure, the Western nations committed centuries of atrocities, slavery, colonization, environmental and economic exploitation of innumerable peoples and yet they have scarcely come to terms with their past.

(I am very proud to be Canadian, where our governments from all sides of the political spectrum have taken concrete steps to apologize and make real amends addressing the travesties of the past. This is indeed a model of reconciliation and moral fiber that is very rare.)

Courtesy of David Rodrigo
Moreover, the nations of the Middle East are in general very brutal. Many people think that because autocratic regimes rule most of these nations that somehow their people are innocent. In fact, being from the Middle East I can say this is not true. The Middle East is a very spiritually intense, but dark place and those who are more spiritually attuned can sense this very strongly. Corruption, ignorance, hatred, envy and so much more dark attributes have strongholds over the peoples of this region far more than anything I've experienced in the West. And yet, very little international attention is drawn to both governments and peoples of this region, except for Israel.

The reason why Israel faces so much scrutiny, is because they truly are God's people. Whether those who judge them believe in God or not, they somehow deep inside know and acknowledge it. I will tell you, that if it was the Israeli Jews who were the ones who were occupied and the roles were reversed this conflict would have ended long ago with the total annihilation of the weaker party. That said I still do stand in my opinion that the Israeli State and Jewish Public are losing their soul as they keep descending into the abyss that this occupation is leading them into.

Right now Israel has been a State for the Jewish people for 70 years! They are strong and innovative, more than ever. And they are creating technologies that are not just transforming society, but also saving so many lives. And though they are progressing very fast, they are also becoming more religious, but strangely enough somehow are actually straying further from the very essence of God's greatest commandments - to love God more than anything else (i.e. more than their land, their people and their success) - and to love their neighbors, whether they are "Arab" or "Gentile" or whatever it is. In this too, they are becoming proud and arrogant, its almost as if they bask in the glory of victory and think it has all come from their own hand.

Though they will go to the furthermost reaches of the earth to help those in need (e.g. Mexico and Madagascar) they have become numb to the fact they have imprisoned 4 million people... thousands languish in jails, they destroy homes regularly, steal people's lands, deny them basic civil rights, preventing them even from accessing water, regularly humiliate them and have done this for decades. Yes, terrorism is wrong. Yes, killing civilians and children is wrong. And yes both sides do this. But Israel is the vastly stronger power here.

And Israel's friends - have to be real friends. They have to tell them as it is. How is it that a nation so brilliant and with such a rich heritage and creative ethos can be satisfied ruling over 4 million people who are not citizens of any state? Not only have they created the world's largest confined non-state but they also have created one of the world's largest and most long-lasting refugee populations. Can one truly sow and sow and sow and not expect to reap? What kind of harvest will this bring?

In all this, we are about to see something great. For one, I know the Believers of Yeshua in Israel, Jew and non-Jew, are becoming awake to this reality.

Stay tuned for the good news to come and why their hardening of the heart might be about to end!

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