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What you really want to do this year

The other day, I went to a playground. There in a little booth sat a security guard. From 7 to 7 he sits there on his work days, watching the few kids and their parents who visit this private place, There are days were no one shows up even. We started talking and for some reason, I mentioned Canada. "You know, in Canada, you could start from zero and then become anything. There are no limits." As I was telling him this, I checked myself, what was I saying... in Canada? Why not here or there, or in this small town or that so called third world country? In Canada... So I quickly checked myself and told him "Actually, the truth is you can be anything, anywhere. The problem is our thinking. The barrier is in our mind." I know, I sound like those self-help gurus, which I have to tell you, I like many of the things at least some of them say.

Courtesy of Flickr; James Samfield (Text by D.R.)
But there is a real problem plaguing God's people in particular today. It is their thinking. Our thinking patterns form since childhood and are reinforced every increasingly. While everyone on earth is subject to the world's education system, the followers of Jesus are singled out by the enemy to ensure our passiveness and that we do not develop into something that is potentially hazardous to the father of all lies. And as a result, many in the church, (I honestly do not how much) but many is probably and understatement - many of Jesus' church are wasting their lives. They are letting it pass by, a mere whisper, a mere vapor, hardly rocking the boat, engrossed in that which is trivial and crushed by the curses of the world though they are redeemed from it. All the while, the church culture encourages that we embrace this mediocrity and onslaught of the enemy as if it was from God! What an outrage today that millions of God's people attribute to God what Satan has so cleverly done. He has set the fire and then pointed his ugly finger to our loving Father, and we gulp up that lie so gullibly.

If you think you are insignificant and unimportant, that is a lie.

If you think you are doing good by 'humbly' accepting to do nothing great, you are also believing a lie. 

If you think that sickness, debt, poverty, lack, broken relationships (especially in your family) and humiliation in life is from God, that too is a lie. 

I've called this syndrome of Christian culture, cup-cake Christianity. Today, as a new year dawns (though it is one like any other) identify and destroy the lies of the world and the enemy you've believed.

The man I wrote about in the beginning of the post said this; "I did four years of university, but what was I going to do with it. I chose to be a security guard rather than be hassled as a teacher for the same salary anyways. Other than this, what else can I do?" The barrier was in his mind, not in his circumstances. Today, that is true of us too.
The next time you say, "I can't because... blah blah blah". Check yourself! You are actually lying when you say that, maybe not intentionally because you truly believe the lie, but it is lying nonetheless. Why lie to ourselves? There really are no limits except the false ones we have set up in our minds. God has put His Spirit in us... God. The Creator of the Universe, who made all out of nothing, and life out of no life, and light out of darkness... that God, in you, One. If that's the case, then even the sky is not our limit!

Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm. (Dan 6:3)

So the question of the year is not whether you can or can not. Truly you can... the real question is whether you will. Will you?

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