Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The barrier is in your mind

"As soon as the soles of the feet of the priests who bear the ark of the LORD shall rest in the waters of the Jordan the waters shall stand as a heap." Josh. 3:13

Hadrian's wall: courtesy of Flick-Tancread
God promised Joshua that he would lead his people into a land flowing with "milk and honey". Between them and their inheritance lay the mighty Jordan river. Transporting an entire nation across a bridgeless river is no easy feat! Now, this was Joshua's first test and the moment that God had said would bring him great honor as the leader of his people. The Lord instructed Joshua to let the priests carry the ark of the covenant into the river and promised that as soon as their feet were in the water, the waters upstream would pile up in a great heap. Imagine being told to do that... with millions of people as your audience! God was basically telling Joshua that the river was a non-entity: "Just walk over it, son; pretend its not there! Really, as soon as you step in, it'll be dry land. Trust Me.".

Do you know that like the Israelites under Joshua, you too have obtained an inheritance in Jesus Christ (Eph. 1:11)? Your Father has promised to bless you with myriads of blessings and every one of them is rightfully yours as His child, for His glory. You see Jesus, like Joshua, crossed over before you. The river represents death; crossing it to the other side, resurrection. Jesus Christ died in your place and on your behalf crossed over! So when He died, you died, and when He was raised up alive, you too were raised up with Him.

This means that you know have full access to this inheritance! So whatever may stand in your way, whatever may keep you from experiencing the "riches of the glory of His inheritance" for you (Eph. 1:18), march forward and do not be afraid. Your 'Jordan river' is only in your mind since Jesus has already led you to the other side!

By David Roiel
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