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The Spirit is your boundless inheritance - Day 5: Thirty Day Meditations to Abundant Life!

Christians have a Book they like to divide in what they call the Old and New Testaments. But I'll bet you the majority of them haven't a clue what a testament really means. A testament, as in, a 'last will and testament' is a document that details everything a dead person bequeaths to their heirs. Their heirs could be those related to them or not. That's what a testament is.

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The Old Testament was full of animals dying, or more truthfully, being killed. Nothing good but meat came out of them and they certainly didn't have heirs. Make no mistake of it, God had no pleasure in dead livestock. Through this Book along with all the other ancient tales scattered around earth, He was speaking to people - who could only vaguely see, some more than others - that a true Sacrifice was needed to redeem them from their sins, a Sacrifice that would be offered once and for all... i.e. a one time offering that would be available to every person who ever existed, exists now and will exist. Thus the Old Testament only gave you a hope that greater things would come one day. And the people of God before Christ believed in Jesus and what He would come to do that one day, only their image of this was distant and shrouded in much mystery.

Now we are so blessed to be in this day and age. We see things on the other side of that divide, in the days of the New Testament. This Testament is none other than the Testament of Jesus Christ! You are His heir. You were born without any rights to this inheritance, but Jesus - as the Firstborn of God - forsook His position as the Firstborn on the cross, to grant you all His rights to this inheritance! Wow! You're the heir of God! Congratulations! And yes, it's open to any who are willing to simply receive what Jesus did for them.

Imagine what it means to receive such an inheritance. Wealthy people leave behind jewels and money and land. The poor have little to leave but trinkets and broken dreams. But what you're Father leaves you - here on this side of eternity - is far grander than all!

On the last night Jesus was with His disciples, John recorded the words His Lord shared with them. It's the longest recorded conversation of Jesus with His disciples and spans the chapters from John 13 to 17. And they were so sad. They knew He was going away. I bet you wish could be there to see Jesus in the flesh, actually hear Him with your ears, walk by His side or share a meal with Him. Wow, you'd want to ask Him so many things and with Him everything would be ok. What child of God hasn't craved this?

And yet, Jesus said it was to their advantage that He had to go away (John 16:7)! Why? How? Because now would come the age of the Spirit of God Himself, dwelling not just with a few, nor even with many... but dwelling within all who call on the name of the Lord! This is your greatest portion... the Spirit of Yahowa, the Almighty, no longer bound in heavenly temples where none can approach, but now He finds His home, in the closest place possible to you... you're very spirit.

There is much I would say about this. Yet I would rather you figure it out. Consider this, the Holy Spirit speaks (John 16:13) and God's sheep hear His voice (John 10:4). He speaks! He is always speaking. The Bible describes in many places how the words of God are like the roaring of many waters, constantly flowing. What is He saying? He is saying everything Jesus is saying.

But one thing He does that I wish to highlight... Jesus said all that His Father has, He has and that all that He has, His very glory - get this! - the glory of Jesus Christ, He gives to you (John 17:22). Are you ready to believe that? This is the work of the Spirit. To glorify Christ by giving you His glory! There are many things that the Spirit does and I will revisit this later, but for now cherish the Spirit of God in you. Learn to hear His voice and if you have  spent much time without hearing Him, come and find rest yet again. I say 'come' but you don't really have to go anywhere. He's been there all along.

May you be filled with the Spirit of Christ, and may you hear Him; He is the Living Water that ever refreshes the weary soul, He is the source of constant comfort, the guiding Light in the Darkness, the Word of God spoken into you and to you... Listen and Live this day! Amen.

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