Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The greatest revelation - Day 4: Thirty Day Meditations to Abundant Life!

There are very few truths in this world that can have as a profound an impact on your life as the truth that God loves you. But those three words 'God loves you' are definitely one of the greatest cliches out there, terribly dulling the impact of this truth. I remember long ago seeing a little sticker on my aunt's mirror saying 'Smile, God loves you.' I never smiled.

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You see, it's not just enough to know that God loves you. That's because there is something vastly different and far superior to knowledge and that is faith... the ability to see the unseen and depend on it. You're probably sitting down somewhere reading this, on a chair, seat or couch and when you sat down on it you didn't give a second thought as to whether that chair was able to hold you up or not. With God's love, though it's easy for us to say He loves us, it's a much more difficult task to actually believe it the same way you didn't doubt that the chair would hold you up if you sat on it. To live in such a way so as to depend on this love.

There are many signs that you know God's love but don't believe it. How did you feel starting your day? A person who believes God loves them can not but feel very triumphant and joyful. How much have you worried or felt afraid? Those who receive this love (by truly believing it) can't hold on to anxiety and fear. Have you felt bitterness, unforgiveness, rage or anger recently? Again, those abiding in God's love (i.e. believing it too!) are those who can not hold on to such things. I can ask many other questions, but I think you're starting to get a picture of the child of God who is so secure and saturated with an awareness of God's love; they are happy, joyful, brilliant, hopeful, optimistic, faithful creatures like no one else. 

How does one get this? I remember the day I received a revelation that God loved me. I knew that God loved me, but I never truly felt it till that day. And since that day, I certainly can't say that I've enjoyed His love all the time. But every time I choose to remember this love, without fail, great peace, comfort and clarity floods my heart. Are you ready to truly jump into the ocean of God's love?

I think you only need to ask. To ask Him, of course, for this revelation. This is something I can't get enough of so I invite you to pray with me...

"Father, I thank You that you always hear me. And I ask that you flood our heats and minds, our entire being with a sense of your love. How silly we have been to force love out of our hearts towards You and others when You alone are love and when we can only love when we first receive your love. I receive your love. I want to be completely submerged and surrounded by your love. The world teaches me to expect evil, to fear harm and feel hated. But You have shown me how much You love Me... Greater Love... That You offered up like an animal to the slaughter, Your Son Jesus. This is love. You did not spare Your Son, how much you must love me! At the cross, Jesus, You did not shrink back from it... You did this for me. Thank You! Thank You Jesus for Your love. In Jesus' Name, Amen."

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