Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why adversity is good for you and your faith

A morning mist lay over the land. As the fog clouds rolled up the valley, the mountains on the other side of it were unseen. I knew they were there, they hadn't moved. But I could not see them at the moment. This is what faith really is.

You believe that God has a good plan for your life... but things aren't working out.

You believe that you are healed by His stripes... but symptoms of sickness keep coming.

You believe that God is your provider... yet all you see are more and more bills.

You believe that He promises you life... but death is the order of the day.

Adversity is a mist. And like that morning mist, it can never change the reality of who you are, of who God is, of His will towards you and of what He shall do mightily in your life. Without adversity, your faith in Him would be worthless. Untested, it would lie in the shallow waters of mediocrity. Maybe you'd think it's faith, but if you see the mountain you really don't need to have any faith to know it's there! That's not faith.

Photo by David Reece (modifications, text by DR)
Adversity is the mud from which you rise into majesty. By the sheer strength of the resistance you face, all that mediocrity and fake faith is shed away. Instead of being like a short plant in the water, you grow into a tall tree grasping the mountain heights. But without that adversity, the force of gravity weighting down on you, you'd be content in those shallow waters were nothing great is ever done.

I said adversity is a mist. And like the mist that comes up for a while, darkens the land, and obscures the sun it is merely momentary and will vanish leaving no mark whatsoever. This is the victory we have in the world, our faith, said John. And that faith can't rise until it's tested in this way. So if you're going through trials and troubles, let not your heart be troubled. Don't give into the temptation to victimize yourself or to drown yourself in a flood of tears and doomed thoughts. That's the easy way out.

"Oh my, what shall be my fate? I am doomed. It is over. Poor me."

Rise from your bed. Remember Jesus on the cross and all He did for you. Choose contentment with where you are. Reaffirm your faith in His promises and thank Him that He has fulfilled them. These times and their testy troubles will pass... but don't waste these days by bemoaning your fate. You are not under fate's spell, you are standing tall in the righteousness of Christ... and your fate is entirely in your hands more than you know.

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