Thursday, March 26, 2015

Victory is for victors. So are you a victor?

They all put in out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood. Mark 12:44

You see that verse up there. It's the cure to poverty... the 23 word cure to poverty.

Really! Poverty is a vicious cycle, it breeds and continues to breed. The poor take on a mindset and pass it on. Those born in poverty find it very difficult to get out of their misery, not because they don't have the resources or mental capacity to do so, but simply because they've been trained by the world to adopt the mentality of poverty. The poverty of the poor is their ruin. Prov 10:15

Mark 12:44 is also the cure to defeat in any area of life. Ever heard of the victim-mentality? Some people attract defeat because they see themselves as loser not winners. They are always struggling to breathe, under threat of drowning because of what has been done to them; the words and actions of others, the circumstances of life, all of these conspire against them to push them further into the mud and dirt of the cursed world. Often these fellows build their lives on fear, hate and revenge. They are in bondage to unforgiveness and it pushes them deeper into the pit of darkness.

You might ask how is that verse the cure to poverty and defeat? Well, this blessed woman, thank You Jesus for pointing her out, she didn't see herself as a victim of circumstances, did she? "I'm a poor widow, no one to look after me, I only have 2 cents to get food for today." 

She chose to see herself as a benefactor! "I shall give to the treasury for that is who I am. Go to hell poverty, for that's where you come from!" She refused to interpret her situation as one of defeat... instead, she chose to let God be the one to define her. Consequently, she changed the story of her life in her mind, she changed it from "I am poor and have nothing." to "I am rich and have everything." That's why Jesus said she gave more than all of them.

Poverty and defeat. They are a curse, a curse humanity has been redeemed from in Christ - it's a redemption made freely available to every soul, but it is not universally accepted by all. 

How you see yourself in Christ affects everything. I've heard that many wrangle about the role of the church of the world. Some say it's a hospital to take in the weak, poor, sick and downtrodden of society. Others say it's a military base of operations to take on the world, spreading the life and love of Jesus, with weapons of the Spirit (not flesh and blood). 

This was the heritage of the heroes of faith.
If they had this inheritance, so do we...
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The truth is, few churches empower people with the power and authority they already have as a son and daughter of God for personal success and victory. Instead, they glorify the circumstances of life that bring them down. "Oh poor you, we'll be your crying shoulder. We'll pray for you to endure. We'll pray for you to be patient. Just keep coming here to this and that meeting, confessing your sins, confessing your troubles, recounting your woes. We're the ever listening ear. So come; confess, confess, confess." 

I confess my righteousness. My victory. My kingship. These are the jewels of our inheritance! I choose to confess that I'm healed rather than focus on my symptoms. I choose to rise like a righteous man rather than wallow in the mud of defeat. I choose to believe I have power over life rather than swallow the lie that I can't do anything. I choose to thank God for all His blessings, those I have now and those that will come, rather than complain and whine about work, the government, or the weather. I choose to stand in the gap and declare blessings over my land when ISIS knocks on it's doors everyday rather than pack my bags and leave with my tail between my legs. I choose life, not death. And who am I to do that? I am who I am by the Grace of God! 

We are victors in Christ, and our faith is that victory. It's a victory that moves mountains, stills the storms and conquers hell and the dominion of darkness. That victory starts from within. It starts by understanding what Christ has done for you, what He's transformed you into, what He's renewed in you.

Are you willing to change your mind about this? Today, what shall you choose? Life... or death? You really can change your life... and even the world!

David Roiel
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