Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lion of Judah wasn't toothless... neither are His children!

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When Jesus saw a leper, He extended His hand and uttered to his lost son "I am willing, be clean!"

When Jesus found Himself in a storm surrounded by scared disciples, His "little children" as He often called them, "Where is your faith?" How could they think they would drown with Jesus in the boat? He then turns to the wind and waves, "Be silent!" He commands and it is.

When He found men making God's Holy Temple a marketplace that burdened the true seeker of God, He laid His hands on the tables of merchandise and money and upturned every single one. Making a whip, He chased them out, calling them a "den of thieves".

When soldiers of the temple guard, armed with swords and clubs came to arrest Him, the Lion of Judah rose and stood between them and His disciples... "I AM" He spoke and they fell to the ground like dominoes... "You will not lay a hand on these men!"

Contrast this with the following pictures:

A woman with cancer approaches believers for divine healing, she receives only an uncertain prayer uttered timidly "If it is your will, Father, take away this cancer..."

When the storms of life and weather rage and threaten loved ones, "Let us endure..." After all, who dares speak to the elements of nature or the world as if they would move at our command?

When the helpless and defenseless are taken advantage of who will rise among the followers of Christ, to defend, nourish and protect them?

And when terrorists knock on the gates of our nations, what Christian in his right mind would rise and say "You will not touch my nation!"


Jesus boldly prayed for healing, commanded the elements, ensured justice and defended the cause of the helpless... but how is it today that so many of His followers have swallowed the lie that they are helpless to do anything, and must simply wait for eternity where all wrongs shall be made right.

I am eternally minded, but we are ambassadors of the Most High, endowed with the mantle of the Royal Priesthood; we are those whom the Bible calls "kings and priests" of God, and children of the Almighty. As Jesus is, so are we... and if He did it, so can we! (see John 14:12 & 1 John 4:17)

It's time we rejected the idea of the powerless Christian... the gates of hell can not withstand our onslaught but what onslaught do we speak of when the myriads are taught that we can do nothing but say high-worded prayers with bowed down heads and hearts.

Today, know and put it out of your head... Healing is God's will always. Don't give up on that right ever! Jesus may have silenced the winds with a word, but He said we could move mountains. He said we are the Kingdom of Heaven on earth... we have the power to do so much in His love and strength; to stand up for the helpless and defenseless in this world, take them and nourish them; to stand on behalf of nations and change the fate of millions.

This was the heritage of the heroes of faith. If they had this inheritance, so do we... and much more! 

David Roiel
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