Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why God's grace makes you ambitious

Grace - you've heard it so many times. You'll easily define it, as being God's unmerited, unconditional favor to you. You'll say your 'saved by grace' and so forth and all this is correct. But when you begin to seize grace with all your energy, you'll realize it's not just a one-time, gift, wrapped up in a box with a bow. Instead, you'll quickly realize it's a rather a limitless, unending, ocean of love, power and life!

In Christ, you're called to so much more!
Limitless, boundless, infinite, unending, everlasting... that's the aspect of Grace we tend to fathom the least, mainly because we're taught to think inside the box, inside the limits of what's possible and what's not. Every single great man and woman on this earth, had to reach for the stars when they were told by the world's wisdom, their elders, their teachers and their societies that reaching for the stars is silly, unreasonable, or just simply impossible. This is especially true of the heroes of faith.

Yet our God is the God of the impossible. Jesus Himself said that all who believed in Him, would not only do what He did, but even greater things! My friends, I just want to remind you today about this aspect of God's grace. I know I write a lot about success and prosperity. My intention isn't to bring greed and lust for money into your life. Rather it's to take you a step higher than that so that you'll realize that God has put dreams in your hearts... maybe for some of you that means letting those dreams flourish in the first place. For others, I hope it'll encourage you to press on and let those dreams develop to maturity.

God is the God of impossible... He's not just your God, Lord or even Savior. He is your Daddy! Your Father. You know what that means? It means you have His nature, His desires, His dreams. They are there in your new heart, because you've been renewed into a new creature. We really are called to change the world, in many, many, unique, creative, powerful and loving ways - not because we have to - but because our new nature now wants to and desperately enjoys it.

Grace gives birth to godly ambition in your life. It fosters a mindset of possibility. It allows you to dream and dream and dream and then to take real steps to make those dreams come true. Mediocrity and insignificance, aren't in God's vocabulary. Today, don't let the law that tells you what you can do and must do hold you back. Let Grace launch you into the limitless ocean of possibilities is so willingly supplies to all who dare receive it!

You are a child of God... you are called to greater things, indeed.

David Roiel
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  1. What great encouragement. We do serve a God who has given us mindblowingly incomprehensible power by way of dreams. If we can somehow manage to retain this truth as normal practice, who could be against us! Thank you for this friend.


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