Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dreams are the stuff of heaven - dare to dream!

Do you ever picture yourself in situations so far-fetched - but good - and improbable? Do you believe you were made for more than just the dreariness of a life that drifts you away in mediocrity and insignificance, like a piece of drift wood in the ocean?

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Well, then you are catching glimpses of your Father's desires for you! That's a fantastic statement, but I'm very sure of it it - I don't care what great things you are dreaming of, perhaps it's simply finding an amazing soul mate or its as great as changing the course of history, but you are a child of God and that means He has great, awesome and inconceivably good plans for you - and when you dare to dream, you're tapping into His thought stream for you.

Once, there lived a man by the name of Joseph. As a boy, he one night dreamed of something crazy... his 10 brothers bowed down before him. Even his parents did the same! The next morning at breakfast he would declare, very unwisely, what he had dreamed. Furious and jealous, his brothers ended up selling him to slavery and told their father his beloved son had died. How many nights must Joseph have regretted those dreams, as he endured as a slave of Egypt? And how many a time, must he have gnashed his teeth as his days and nights blurred in the dungeons of a foreign land, where few ever could hope for freedom except through death?

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All the events of his life were trying to rob him of his dreams and make him scoff and deny them. But I believe that Joseph never denied those dreams despite his ordeals. Deep down inside, he held on to them and knew that neither slavery nor imprisonment were his destiny, because Joseph always had a consciousness that God was with him (see Gen 39:2,23 - only Joseph would have been able to communicate these details)... and because of that, he could never bring himself to let go of what he had dreamed of as a boy; he knew they were of divine origin. Needless to say, in one day after years of slavery and imprisonment, he was catapulted into the position of prime minister of the greatest civilization of the land... he ended up saving the largest empire of that age and one day, his old dream came true... "greater things!"

Your dreams for your life, are ultimately from God. They may need fine-tuning, but don't ever short-change yourself into thinking they are too fanciful for you... they are not. Jesus Himself said you would do what He did and even "greater things" (John 14:12)! We're talking about Jesus here!!! Not a leader of men, a 'saint' or figure of history - greater things than what the Lamb of God and King of kings did! You! Yes! Will you embrace that? Will you even dare to let the thought rest in your mind? I hope you will and so much more than that!

Dreams - hold on to them; in Christ, you're truly called to greater things!

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