Monday, January 12, 2015

Responding to Terror... always speak Grace, not Guilt

I'm flabbergasted by the silence of believers when terror strikes. Many leading voices simply ignore these tragedies and those who speak, very often, but not always, simply spout condemnation... on the victims! Why???

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This isn't a new reaction. People have done this for millenia. In Jesus' time, there was terrorism and massacres too (Luk 13:1). But He said very clearly, it wasn't God's doing nor was it His punishment for the sins of the souls who perished in these horrible events. As God's children we need to be clear on this and respond accordingly, with Grace filled wings of healing and not harsh words, "Well, they deserved it and reaped what they sowed!"

God's children are under grace, but is the mindset of the Law, the Old Covenant - the one that Paul called obsolete, defective and finished - that instills a guilty conscience into believers' hearts. They have this conscience, and in the spirit of the pharisees, spew it out onto others. What's worse is that in this process they drag many more into the lie that they under guilt... but we are under Grace, one that is so strong that nothing can rob us of our righteousness, holiness and good standing in the sight of God... nothing!

But you see the consciousness of guilt is more pervasive than simply a belief. Guilt attracts the enemy like nothing else. Moreover, it allows him to easily take from you what is rightfully yours because of what Christ did on the cross. Somewhere God has said "My people perish because they do not know." It is true, many of us simply are unaware of the colossal blessings that Jesus Christ left us. Perhaps the most enormous breakthrough in your life - after knowing that God truly loves you - is that Jesus was cursed that you would be blessed. And he wasn't just cursed like that... He was cursed with the curse of the Law! It's a surprisingly detailed list in the latter half of Deuteronomy 28 - go ahead, click here to check it out!

There is an author of Life and also the author of destruction. But the Author of Life came, full of Grace and Truth. Understand that terror isn't God's doing, nor is He the One secretly pulling the strings. As sons of the Most High, we are vessels, brimming over with Grace, Power and Life... it's time we stepped into this reality of our faith in Christ!

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