Monday, January 12, 2015

What terror tries to teach you

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Jesus of Nazereth

We are in class and we scarcely know it. The lessons are the tragedies that unfold our around us, near and far, personal or to people miles away. Terror, war, horror, disaster, destruction, blood, violence, sickness... the problem, is that we think God is doing the teaching!

How sad a state of affairs when the body of Christ has come down to thinking that the Author of Life, whose nail-pierced, bleeding hands, stricken to the Cross would actually author a story of nations, mired in blood, death and destruction. Does that make sense to you? How is it coherent to our minds to believe that when man-made or 'natural' disasters strikes, or even when illness or poverty come, that these things are really engineered by God, our Father, the One who gave Life, Love, Joy and Peace! I have written in many places about the misreading of the Old Testament and I won't go into that here, yet suffice it to say, the body of Christ is going through extreme confusion and disarray when we even allow ourselves to hear so-called teachers of the Body who start condemning victims and praising God's act on them as a warning, justified, punishment. Such callous thoughts!

There is one who does the teaching and engineering of these lessons, and he is Satan. And how he delights in them! Firstly, he is educating the world and especially the Church of Christ, how to fear and doubt and even expect that one day they might by the 'unlucky' number in the body bag. His second delight is to do the deed and then point the finger at God! One of his many crafty ways of doing this is by spreading the very pious-sounding statement among the children of God... "God is in control". I will write more about this later on perhaps, but you have the mind of Christ, the Spirit of the Most High dwells in you and you are far from ever being a pre-programmed robot incapable of anything but obeying commands. We go to church and are told, "Hear and obey" when God's heart was always "Listen and Live, I give you all I am and behold, My Only Begotten, Crucified for you!"

God is your shield. Every promise of His written and spoken word, is a resounding yes. You can depend on Him, you can hide under His wings (Ps 91), and you can stand behind Him for He is your shield (Ps 84). Don't be afraid, nor be faithless... you are blessed beyond every curse of the world, and you are called to greater things!

Stay tuned for more to come on this subject.

May all those hurt in terror, see healing and light in the face of Christ.

David Roiel
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