Saturday, December 27, 2014

True prosperity, mighty strength and divine life... it's only the beginning in your inheritance of Christ!

Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock. Mat 7:24

This year, build your house on the Rock, walk into you promised land!
I once heard a story of an old widow. Ever since her husband died, her savings quickly dried up and she lived in relative poverty. Then one day somebody happened to open her long-unused desk's drawers. In it was a sealed envelope... from her late husband! They opened the envelope and to their surprise, they found her husband's last will and testament leaving her a great amount of assets. This woman was the rightful heir to her husband's vast and more than ample wealth, yet she was living like a pauper with her riches sitting idly somewhere, unclaimed!

Doesn't that sound like many in the church today?! You see, Jesus has left us His will and testament... (yep, some people call this the New Testament ;) ). He died to make you His rightful heir to all that He is. The New Covenant He made with us (covenant is also the same word as will or testament, by the way) was written and sealed with His most precious blood (see Heb 9:16-28)! He never intended us to live mediocre lives... instead, He left us a great inheritance, an inheritance that is boundless and full of wonders, one that will take an eternity to discover.

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The woman I just wrote about was in a condition of ignorance that wasn't without consequence... think of all the years she wasted. Ignorance of what God has said, His word, His Spirit and His life does the same to the believer... as they languish away in spiritual poverty, they waste their lives, their years, and great opportunities to build the Kingdom of God and see His glory in their lives.

This year, determine to discover what God has already done for you. He paid the ultimate price for your inheritance, the sacrifice of His Son on the Cross and He did it so that you may reign in life, and be victorious in this world. Start the year right, discover your inheritance!

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Your crowned with Glory and Grace; let this be the year you truly walk in the promised land of God for you!

David Roiel

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