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Forgotten past, turbulent times and a great destiny - the people of Ishmael, the herald of the Gospel.

The desert is unforgiving. No water, scathing heat in the summer and bitterly cold nights of the winter and a land that is far from promising. Thousands and thousands are running away, some with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They are running in fear, from bombs and bullets, and a rule of lawlessness, that is cruel, dark and savage. These souls end up as refugees - a status that is as perilous and uncertain as any, yet better than the fate of their neighbors who could not flee; some of whom have ended up oppressed even to the point of slavery and shocking executions. These things are happening even as I type these words.

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With wars that have lasted decades, millions upon millions uprooted from their homes, and peoples in extremely dire straits the Middle East is jolting in the wake of ever-increasingly violent conflicts of every kind. The nations are roaring and the many are fleeing. Some speak of a clash of civilizations and some simply scoff, "They are reaping what they sow, the descendants of Ishmael!"

Many so-called people of the Book - that is the Bible - think that Ishmael was a kind of wayward accident, a glitch in the plan of God. They have stained his memory and those who claim his ancestry. This is nothing new. But some secrets have remained hidden in the Bible to the many. Though they have long read the words of the Almighty they (in the words of Sherlock Holmes) "...see but do not observe!"

"They have eyes to see but do not see. They have hears to hear but do not hear. We played the flute for you and you did not dance. We played a dirge, and you did not mourn." said Jesus of Nazareth.

Yet the Book can not be read with the mind and glass. To know it, it must be read with the Spirit - the very One who wrote it. Only then does it's pages leap with a rainbow of life and blessing to them who seek such things.

Deep in the book of Genesis is the story of the man, Ishmael - the first born of Abraham, a man revered throughout the Middle East, by all three of the 'Abrahamic faiths' - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The story of Ishmael isn't to point out how a people were cursed. In fact it's the precise opposite. Ishmael was indeed blessed but more importantly, he was a herald of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That may sound amazing and hard to believe, yet he indeed declared wordlessly many things that Jesus would come to do for us. 

Many today are legitimizing these wars using Biblical stories and sayings that are twisted and misconstrued to suit their purpose, whether it be intentionally or not. The people of the Middle East - especially those of Ishmael's descendants - have a great past. Their forefathers all pointed to Christ - both Isaac and Ishmael, brothers united in a prophetic calling, along with their mighty father, Abraham. 

Now, we who are God's sons are not called to think or fight like the world. We are different and above the fray. We are called God's ambassadors, the salt of the earth and the peacemakers of the land. If we do not see this, who can? Will those who enshrine religious intolerance as a godly thing do so? 

When He spoke with the Gentiles, He did not speak of religion... when He spoke to the Samaritans, He also did not speak of religion... and when He spoke to the Jews, neither did He do so. Instead, with every one, Jesus spoke the character and will of God for every soul on earth... He spoke Grace and Truth, He is the Life and the Way and who can add to Him or who can take away what is His. 

Discover the truth about Ishmael and how his life shows you how great your inheritance in Christ really is. Ishmael was called to bring Good News... thought it was his call, today it is our heritage - whether we are sons of the East or not!

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By David Roiel
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