Monday, November 10, 2014

Conquering your "promised land"

It was dusty, but it was easy. For forty years, every week, for six days they woke up, gathered manna and that was there food. A generation grew up without knowing what seeds could turn into. And why would they even think of toiling in the sun for a dried cucumber when all they needed came so effortlessly. They had their livestock and their gold, yet trade in the camp was superfluous when the clothes you wear and the sandals that shod your feet stay in prime condition miraculously. These were the days of the Israelites in the wastelands after the exodus. It stands today a lesson for you and I.

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Many a believer longs for this life of spiritual welfare. Everything was easy, but it was dusty, dry and dreary. This wasn't the promised land, it was a state of mediocrity, borne from the fruits of fear and doubt that God would have them rise like eagles, bear His standard and be a blessing to the world all over.

And when they entered the promised land, that very day, the manna stopped. Their continual and every sure line of food, ceased. If they sat on their butts all day they wouldn't eat! But if they opened their doors, walked with their feet, moved the rocks and soil, tilled the fields and owned their land, - they would feast on a cacophony of the greatest delights of the fruits and fatness of the land.

These are God's promises to you - promises His Son's sacrifice made yours. They are Life and life abundantly. Blessings so numerous and staggering they would make the incredulous scoff but the thirsty shout for joy in hope. One only needs to believe and enter that land. Do this - and be sure - the seeds of faith you sow today, you shall reap with joy tomorrow.

By David Roiel
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