Thursday, October 16, 2014

God's promises are like the sun; through the dark watches of the night it still blazes away as it always has!

One day, while driving to work before dawn, I saw a hill with a cross stretching out above the highway. The sky was darkened with storm clouds but over the eastern mountains, the sun was rising. To the right there was light, coloring the clouds pink. To the left, the intense grey of the clouds clung stubbornly to no avail. As is the nature of the nothingness of darkness - it also gave way to the light of the sun.

Courtesy of Flickr: Trey Ratcliff
God promises to supply your need.

God promises to protect you.

God promises to build your future.

He promised you life to the full, strength, joy and fruitfulness. His Word has always declared that and the cross is the utmost proof of every one of those promises. For Christ, was made poor to make you rich. He was shamed, beaten and destroyed on the cross that you would be honored, made whole and strong in life. His life and future was cut in pieces, that you would reign in life as a victor and not a victim in this world.

Yet we face myriad forces constantly working in perfect opposition against all of His promises. These forces desperately are trying to cling to you, just long enough for you to give up in despair and think and behave like the rest of the world - hopeless, expecting the worst and wistfully dreaming of the best as an impossible future. They attack you and seek to change your mind, and to close your eyes of faith so that you'll start seeing only with the physical eyes in your head.

Remind yourself of these things this day. Remember who you are and what He has done and promised you. His promises are always a resounding YES and AMEN, forever. Resolve to continue to walk in joy knowing that all things work together for your good. And reflect on these promises - consider them done deals and see your problems as mists of vapor, they come quickly and linger, but with the rising of the Son in your hearts and eyes they will vanish just as quickly as they came and leave no trace behind.

By David Roiel
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