Thursday, September 25, 2014

See the truth behind the visible curtain of this world, no matter how sullen and dirty they have become!

When I meet someone, I feel like I can look into their soul. There are those who are alive and aware; and those who are dull and listless, numb to all around them. I see goodwill and light in their lives or it's absence, I see positivism or negativity, confidence and strength, or poverty and worry. It's as clear as day to me. Am I alone? I think many of you know exactly what I mean by this.

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I've written elsewhere about how we're in far greater control of our lives than we've made it out to be. There is a reality around you today. Your life might be in crisis mode or simply on automatic pilot cruising the highways of time as your days pass by. Situations, complex and burdensome, may be strangling the joy out of your heart as you drag your feet, struggling to breathe, striving to survive.

Let me suggest something. Pull back the curtains of life. They are dark, they are dirty, they are smelly, but when those curtains are taken out of the way, life and sun's rays stream through! And it was day all along! Ha! If only...

Positive thinking makes all the difference. But with the Lord it really is infinitely everything. It all starts with gratitude. It's so simple. And yet we spend many of our days forgetting about the real  reality. The Sun always shines ever brightly even above the thickest clouds. And the remnants of a cursed world, a curse broken over you by the blood of Christ... forever, are no more than that... clouds and mists, puffs of vapor strolling through the air.

The love of your Father has never ceased, His eyes have never lost sight of you, His hands have never loosened their hold on you and His heart has never ceased beating for you. Everything - and He has promised this - everything that is at work in your life, this very day, will be for your good. Every thing!

The world was made to be yours, my friend and you it's caretaker. Jesus didn't die on a cross for you to live in defeat in it... He came that you may live in His victory, all of your days.

"Your faithful love is better than Life!" Ps. 63:3

By David Roiel
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