Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The eyes of your Father

The sky was blue, the lake was fresh and the green of the forest glistened in the noon day summer sun while puffs of white clouds gently seasoned the view. But all my attention was on my son, as I was throwing him into the air and catching him as he came splashing into the water. We were laughing and having one of those eternally beautiful moments.

As he looked to me with the largest smile waiting for any clue when the next jump into the air would be I looked into his eyes and saw myself and all the scenery I just described being reflected in his beautiful eyes. I was larger than life in them.

Courtesy of Flickr-Jessica Branstetter
At that very moment, the Lord gently nudged me as He often does and without words, I understood.

Imagine looking deep into your heavenly Father's eyes. You will not see hell fire and brimstone, you will not see a cool and serene look, distant and indifferent, nor will you see vagueness and confusion. Rather, you will see yourself... because you are the apple of God's eyes! His entire attention is focused on you. It was you that was on His mind as He climbed up that wretched hill on that blood soaked mountain called Golgotha... a land that till this day has not stopped drinking the blood of it's inhabitants.

One of the greatest delights of being a parent, is you understand God more... many a time I have found himself amazed at the love of My heavenly Father while loving and playing with my son. No wonder most people's ideas about God's character are shaped on their experiences with their parents... they are, in effect, God-like to children, for better or worse.

We are all imperfect, parents and children alike. But your Father sees you as His perfect and whole son and daughter, made holy, righteous and His very own child forever. That is how God's sees you... and that is how much He pays attention to you... with great delight and joy.

"You are My beloved Son, My beloved Daughter... and in you I am always well pleased. Never fear, never worry, be at peace with My peace; for I behold you always. Who can snatch you away from My hands? Rest in Me, look to Me, and rest your heart. I know My plans for you and they are great, they are beautiful and always have been." 


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