Friday, May 23, 2014

When God speaks to you... your life will never be the same.

Few people will ever do this... and then wait for an answer.

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I was 17 and as a young man I raged with anger. I searched for truth, light, significance... every teenager's internal storm. What a time of life! Somewhere during the ride I got a revolutionary idea. I was an atheist (never mind why), but I wanted to know once and for all... not if He was there, but if He was, where could I find Him? Where was the Truth? To whom should I go? What should I do?

I didn't ask all those questions. Just one;

"God, tell me, show me the truth." (And it wasn't even a question!)

I called out with all my heart and left it at that. Though I went about my business, I never forgot what I asked. Only a few days passed, but I was waiting.

And that is when I heard Him... He answered, not with vague premonitions, but He actually answered me and I don't remember how exactly (it wouldn't be until many years later that I would even accept the idea that God can verbally speak to me... and to every one of His children too).

These are the words that changed the course of my life when I was but a rugged youth seek truth.

"Jesus is Truth."

He didn't point me to Christianity, Church, Doctrine, Theology, Denominations, People, Preachers, Teachers or even the Book. He didn't tell me I had to confess my sins, repent, reconcile, repatriate, fast, pray, kneel, or obey. He just pointed silently with a smile, to His Son - "For God so loved the world..."

Friends, there's a reason why Jesus didn't make sure people knew who He was or had the right belief system (even about Himself) before He healed, prospered, fed, blessed, and liberated them. It's not necessary! First comes the touch of God, then the mind follows. There's no need to throw tracts and conditions on people. Throw them His love, without even saying religiously "God loves you" and see how they will truly know it.

When you go out there (out of this cyber space), remember that you are Jesus to the people around. When they see the way you look at them, they see Jesus. When you give them a word of encouragement, "It will be OK." they hear Him. When you give them a hug, they feel the warmth of His embrace.

And why shouldn't they? That is who you are... not just a number to God, but His son, His daughter. The glory of God rises on you - it's time to shine!

For God so loved the world that He offered up His One and Only begotten Son. 
John 3:16

I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one. 
John 17:22

By David Roiel
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